International Cake Pop Incident Party

Time for another IIP party, and this month the theme is cake pops. Our host, Penny, also has her birthday this month – happy birthday dear! I have a bit of a sad tale to tell. I tried making cake pops and failed! Buh bow! And with no time to do redo them, I figured [...]

Paper lined sponge cakes

The theme for the latest International Incident Party (hosted as always, by the lovely Penny) is nostalgia, and I love it! It’s such a great theme and sent me down memory lane trying to think of a dish to make.

International Incident Sundae Party

Melbourne has been humid, humid, humid lately. This has been a weird summer – LOTS of rain and very little of the dry heat that stretches for days, that is more usual of our summers. Thank you La Nina, you can stop now. Well, at least ice cream is good for any type of heat [...]

Baby chili cheese dogs

For the first International Incident Party for 2011, we’re all about hot dogs. True to form, I’ve left it to the very last minute and was up early this morning to finish cooking, assembling and photographing my dish. However, the cats were super happy to see me so early and lots of purring and head [...]

International Incident Salt Party

Let’s talk about salt. Too much of it, and food is inedible. Too little of it, and food tastes so bland it may as well be inedible! Too much salt in our diets leads to health problems, and yet we require a small amount of salt to live. Not only do we use salt in [...]

International Incident Eggs Party

For the International Incident Party this month, we are celebrating the humble egg. Eggs are amazing (eggmazing? Sorry. Couldn’t resist!). You can eat them raw, cooked, or put them in savoury dishes, sweet dishes, or baked goods – they’re so versatile. The properties of eggs make them invaluable in baking and cooking. Egg yolks have [...]

Lemonade scones

After the success of the previous International Incident Parties, this month we have scones to celebrate the birthdays of Cherrie and Anh. Happy birthday! When I was in primary school back in NZ, we used to have lessons that we called “‘manual’ – where we learnt cooking, sewing, and woodworking. My favourite was the cooking [...]

International Tacos Incident Party

Welcome to the tacos edition of the International Incident Party. We had noodles, we had dumplings, we had pizza pie, we had gnocchi, and now it’s time to taco it up.

International Noodles Incident Party

Following on from the success of the dumpling, pizza pie and gnocchi parties – we’re having noodles! I am a big fan of noodles, most kinds of noodles in fact. See the ramen hunt post as an example of my dedication to noodle goodness. As soon as the theme was announced, I had a fairly [...]

International Dumpling Incident Party

It’s time for another International Incident Party hosted by Penny from Addictive and Consuming, and this time we’re bringing dumplings to the table. When I started thinking about what I was going to make, I immediately thought of the mother of all dumplings (imho) – Shanghai soup dumplings / xiao long bao. But after a [...]

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