UK: Borough Market

To market, to market…. Remember that Alastair and I went to the UK last year in September? No? Well, that’s because it felt like a million years ago! I barely remember it myself!

Assorted UK photos, part 3

The last of the random UK pics – figured I may as well put them up! Wales; Historical iron foundry; Coal mine; Brecon Beacons; Stow on the Wold; English countryside. Not pictured: a million and two roundabouts.

Assorted UK photos, part 2

Another brief break from food for more photos. Back to food in my next post! Tate Modern; Borough Market; DeVizes; Bath; Roman Baths.

Assorted UK photos part 1

Some assorted photos from the UK. Back to food in my next post! Village Pub; Pumpkin weighing; Arundel Castle; Arundel; Bosham; London.

The Fat Duck, Bray, UK

And we’re back! Alastair and I are home from our holiday – we arrived home on Wednesday afternoon (slightly delayed due to fog at Melbourne airport – but we got to visit Adelaide and sit on the plane for a couple of hours – awesome). I love travelling, but there’s always something nice about getting [...]

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