Heirloom tomatoes cooked with Marron head sauce

You know how they say you should always say yes to an opportunity?

Well, on a smaller scale, you should also always say yes to “do you want to come to xx restaurant?” because even if you don’t know what on earth your friend is talking about, you’ll probably still have a good time.

Yes, that’s how we ended up at Amaru with Haz, Gaz and Thanh, several days after the restaurant opened. It took me a while after agreeing to lunch to join the dots – Amaru is the first restaurant of Clinton McIver, who had a stint serving degustations at the Clayton Bowls Club (and who also worked at Vue de Monde).


Mossgreen Tearooms

Pouring tea

Disclosure: Afternoon tea was courtesy of Mossgreen Tearooms and Q Strategies.

So 2013 seemed to be the year of high/afternoon tea for me, blogging oh 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (!) plus a bonus high coffee. And here’s another one I went to before the year finished: afternoon tea at Mossgreen Tearooms.

Mossgreen Tearooms is next door to the Mossgreen auction house and gallery on High Street in Armadale. The Tearooms are in a large, white, split-level room with large windows at the front that let in plenty of light.