Lipton Pyramid

Lipton Pyramid

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One of the best things about tea – apart from the fact that it’s delicious – is that there’s a type and flavour for almost every occasion.

Need a morning wake up call? How about English Breakfast?

Something slightly sweet for morning tea? A fruit infusion could do the trick.

A refreshing drink after a meal? Mint tea is good for digestion and cleanses your palate.

Or for something more general, I’m a big fan of green tea with jasmine any time of the day.

And if you’re a tea lover like me, you may be interested to know that Lipton have just released a new premium range of teas with larger leaves and real fruit pieces in pyramid shaped bags. The tea bags are different to the more common square tea bags and it’s not for novelty factor. The pyramid shape gives the tea leaves more space to expand and swirl, therefore releasing more flavour.

More flavour = better cup of tea. Excellent.

High tea

Recently Lipton hosted an afternoon tea and I had the opportunity to sample some of the new range and see how they matched with food.

Tea cloches

The teas available that afternoon were beautifully displayed under glass cloches. When the cloche was lifted, we could inhale the different aromas of the various teas.

Pyramid bag

The selection included:

Russian Earl Grey: an aromatic black tea, with orange and lemon peel pieces providing that distinctive citrus flavour. This one also contains bluet (sky blue cornflour) petals for a beautiful touch.

Green Gunpowder: a green tea with a natural pear flavour and aroma.

Orange Jaipur: a full flavoured black tea with orange that’s smooth and well rounded.

Refreshing mint: a herbal infusion of peppermint leaves, roasted chicory roots and lemongrass. Strongly minty and very refreshing and aromatic.

Forest Fruits: a very sweetly fragrant black tea containing strawberry, raspberry, red currant, blackberry and cherry pieces.


The tea suggestion for these soft Waldorf finger sandwiches, filled with chicken, apple, walnuts, cider vinegar, endive and mayonnaise, was the Green Gunpowder. Possibly matching up the apple in the sandwiches with the pear flavour in the tea?


Next we had moist friands with tea-infused raisins that had been infused with Lipton Forest Fruits tea. The tea suggestion was the Earl Grey Russian – a more assertive tea to complement the sweetness of the friands.


These dainty Zumbarons was paired with the Forest Fruits tea, something a bit sweet and fragrant to go with the macarons.

Lolly cake

The brightest item on the plate was the gorgeously colourful Lollybag cake. The cake contained layers of banana Jaconde (almond sponge cake), freckles crunch, mandarin jaffa ganache, musk mallow, spearmint leaf buttercream and was topped with a glaze made from redskins.

The tea suggestion was interesting at first read, being Refreshing Mint. But after eating the cake, I realised it was to pick up on the spearmint buttercream.

Caramel cup

We completed our afternoon tea with Vegemite caramel chocolate cups. I would never have thought of putting Vegemite with caramel and chocolate but it seemed to work and the Vegemite came through at the end with a distinctive saltiness. The tea suggestion was the Orange Jaipur – a stronger tea with an orange aroma to go with the strong flavours in the caramel and chocolate.


Other teas in the range include:
Mild Ceylon
English breakfast
Temptation Summer Fruits
Peach Mango
Passion Raspberry
Uplifting lemon ginger
Calming Chamomile
Green Tea Aromatic Lemon
Green Tea Mandarin Orange
Green Tea Jasmine Pearls
Green Tea Intense Mint

I’m really looking forward to trying the rest of the range.


Five readers have the chance to win a Lipton Pyramid tea sample packet, each containing 8 flavours from the Pyramid range.

All you have to do is answer this question: Which Lipton tea flavour would YOU serve for high tea and why?. Check out the Lipton Pyramid website for the flavours.

The five most creative comments will be selected as winners.

The competition is open to Australia residents aged 14+ and closes at 5pm on Friday 25 October. See the Terms & Conditions here.

Good luck!


This competition has now closed. Congratulations to Kerren, Gourmet Getaways, AT, Danielle and Germaine.