Shanghainese pearl balls

Hmmm this post has been sitting in my drafts for months. Remember when Celeste, Penny and I were doing Meal to Share? It seems to have fallen by the wayside – totally understandable because we’ve all had so much going on in our lives. But perhaps after things settle down next year we may resurrect [...]

Sticky date pudding

Meal to Share: Pub Food Our fine trio are late for this month’s Meal to Share, because one of us (ahem Penny) has been eating it up in America and Canada. Naturally, Celeste and I don’t mind that Penny was having way too much fun overseas to cook her part of the meal, though I’m [...]

Meal to Share: South African

It’s Meal to Share time! My monthly collaboration with Penny and Celeste where we each cook a course based on a set theme. This month’s theme is “South African” and I was allocated the main course. I made bobotie, which is a baked curried mince dish, with a milk and egg topping.

Meal to Share: Russian

It’s the end of the month, which means Celeste, Penny and I are back with another Meal to Share. As always, Meal to Share is our monthly collaboration where we each cook a course for a themed meal – so don’t forget to check out their posts for the rest of the meal. This month’s [...]

Chinese egg tarts and Niangao

After a break over Christmas, Celeste, Penny and I are now back with our Meal to Share posts. This month’s theme is “Chinese New Year” and I’ve been allocated dessert. If you’re a newer reader, Meal to Share is our monthly collaboration where we each cook a course for a themed meal – so don’t [...]

Meal to Share: Outdoors

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not an outdoorsy person. Hiking (or tramping, as NZers call it) and camping passed me by entirely in my childhood and adulthood. The only time I’ve ever properly camped somewhere in a tent without toilets and running water, was during our trip to Africa, and that was [...]

Meal to Share: Moroccan

Hello, and welcome! Celeste from Travelling in Mary Janes, Penny from [Addictive and Consuming], and I have joined forces to cook a 3 course meal, with each person taking on a different course. We’ll have different themes each month, and our theme for this month is tasty, tasty Moroccan. But before I tell you what [...]

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