The weeks in brief: 21 January – 10 February


Do you like my new titanium spork? πŸ™‚

Another one for my collection. Huzzah! Thanh also gave me a splayd that I haven’t photographed yet.

2013 is looking like a good year for sporks.


Anyway. It’s been a quietish few weeks. The parents have gone home (boohoohoo) so I’m adjusting to doing my own housework and cooking my own dinners. Waaaah.

Happy birthday

It was my lovely DD’s birthday at the end of January. Birthday lamington came all the way from Flour and Stone in Sydney, courtesy of Shellie.


There was also celebratory Gami fried chicken. It was the yum. We ordered original flavour and the spicy flavour.

I liked the spicy flavour but it was a bit too much for most people at the table… weaklings… so be warned – spicy is spicy(ish).


Speaking of birthdays, it was also my Boss’s birthday recently. I baked her a cake. It was okay. Ehhhhhh. I just wasn’t feeling it that day.

Reading Rooms

We went to Reading Rooms again where I had crab cakes. Yum.


I interrupt this post for catspam. Cat is courtesy of Dany. πŸ™‚ He’s cute, huh?

Pacific BBQ House

This week we had dinner at Pacific Seafood BBQ House, thanks to the organising efforts of Mr S&H. It was good, particularly the salted egg ribs (which aren’t pictured because they sadly look rather disgusting in photos… wait until I blog it and you’ll see what I mean…)


Lamb chop

Remember how I said I had to cook my own dinners again?

I’ve had to cook my own dinners again. πŸ™


Kat gave me some blueberries that I’ve been chomping for breakfast with yoghurt and paleo granola. (I am back on that train.)

My love for blueberries is about as great as my (current) love for fresh grapes.

Gong cha

Oh! I finally tried Gong Cha! I wasn’t sure what to order (SO MANY OPTIONS) but I didn’t want anything too milky or sweet, so I just ordered a black tea with milk foam and half sugar.

And it was so yum. That salty milk foam is just… aaaahhhhhdroolface.

It’s a good thing I don’t work in the city, because I think I’d be there every day.

Yong tau fu

Also good that I went home after buying Gong Cha because I wanted another one as soon as I finished it. :p

Alastair bought me yong tau fu for dinner instead. So yum part 2.

Quiet Man

That Guinness wasn’t mine, but I did drink a bit of it. That foam is also yum+.

Apparently I have a thing for foam. (Maz 2.0 speak up, I know you want to.)


Last night we had dinner at The Abyssinian. It’s still good.

This was the platter for four people – there was so much food. Alastair and Nigel managed to polish most of it off – respect.


Happy Chinese New Year, btw. Last night there were surprise! fireworks to bring in the new year.

It was surprise! fireworks because we didn’t know they were happening until the loudness woke us up. Oh well, we had a nice view of them from our place.


This weekend I baked alfajores, using a jar of salted caramel sauce that Thanh gave me for Christmas. Mhhmmmmm. I will blog it, they are sooo crumbly (ie fragile) but good.


We also had lunch at Dahon.

Dahon lunch

I had bbq skewers and empanadas. (There was also deep fried pork belly, ohmy.)

Ube cake

I finished with purple cake is purple (ube-macapuno cake).


And then coffee at Clement Coffee. Mhmmmm.

Alastair is holding the cup in a strange way because it was stupidly hot. I carried it around for 15 minutes before I could drink it.


Look, this is my favourite colour. πŸ™‚

How’re you all?