Gami Chicken and Beer

Posted on | November 17, 2012 | 9 Comments

A life without fried chicken is a life not worth living.

It’s true.

It’s a shame that fried chicken has been marred by the trashiness of KFC because when it’s done well, it’s a thing of delicious, delicious beauty.

At Gami, which I *finally* visited the other week, they serve Korean fried chicken and beer. While there are other dishes on the menu, with a name like Gami Chicken and Beer, what else would you be there for?

Their house beer is sold by volume. You can get 300ml for $3.50, a 1140ml jug for $13.50 OR you can buy a 4 litre oak barrel for $42. Tempting, right? You also get prawn crackers to snack on.

As for the fried chicken, you can buy half serves ($15-$17) or a whole serve ($27-$30) with several choices of sauce: sweet chilli, soy and garlic, spicy sauce and original (ie no sauce).

Seven of us ate our way through 2.5 serves of chicken, trying the sweet chilli, soy and garlic and original. Somehow I missed the fact that there was a spicy sauce option, otherwise I would’ve been totally on to that.

The chicken was good: juicy with a crispy crunchy coating. We fell into silence after it arrived, which is always a good sign. And as for the sauce options, I really liked the original and the soy and garlic.

Fried chicken comes with pickles and salad. I love me some daikon pickles, and with the salad you can do that whole pretending thing: oh, I’m eating salad, it’s not that unhealthy a meal.

In addition to the chicken, we also ordered the corn cheese ($9).

Hilariously, the menu describes it as “simply corn and cheese”. And lo, it is true. I love that they don’t feel the need to dress it up!

I found it quite sweet, but there was something really strangely good about it. I guess it’s hard to go wrong with simply corn and cheese. :p

The kimchi pancake ($13) was not bad – fairly starchy and floury. But I’d suggest using the stomach space for more chicken.

You know what? Gami delivers… not just in the awesome fried chicken stakes, but physically delivers. I’m glad I’m not in their delivery zone (Melbourne CBD, Southbank, Carlton, South Melbourne) because it would be a dangerous, dangerous thing. I already feel like I need another fried chicken fix soon.

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Gami Chicken and Beer
100 Little Lonsdale Street
Phone: (03) 9671 3232

Alternative location at:

Shop G
Healeys Lane
535 Little Lonsdale Street
Phone: 03 9670 3232


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9 Responses to “Gami Chicken and Beer”

  1. msihua
    November 17th, 2012 @ 10:32 am

    msihua recently posted..Xocolatl Artisan Chocolates & Cafe – Spring/Summer 2012/2013 Launch


    Agnes Reply:

    Yah the only way fried chicken can be better is with PICKLES.


  2. leaf (the indolent cook)
    November 17th, 2012 @ 1:37 pm

    Looks delicious! Shaking my fist as they don’t deliver to Fitzroy, come on it’s so close to Carlton… :p
    leaf (the indolent cook) recently posted..strawberry cordial / strawberry soda, with a hint of galangal


    Agnes Reply:

    Hah, it’s probably a good thing they don’t deliver to Fitzroy :D


  3. Sarah
    November 20th, 2012 @ 9:34 pm

    *Gasp!* I can’t believe you badmouthed KFC! Because I LOVE it! Hehehehe

    I’ve been to Gami’s twice now – the second time we literally only ordered were plates and plates of chicken and barrels of beer, no salad or corn cheese!! :)
    Sarah recently posted..The Bottom End


    Agnes Reply:

    Yes, I totally went there! KFC is completely trashy. ;) I like the idea of KFC, but I’m always disappointed by how icky it is.


  4. Daisy@Nevertoosweet
    November 22nd, 2012 @ 9:08 am

    I’m so sad there use to be a Gami where I went to Uni but then I think it closed down :( and I think the one in the city is the only one… I love their Korean Fried Chicken!

    And that sweet corn and cheese totally makes my mouth water! I’ve never seen it on the menu!
    Daisy@Nevertoosweet recently posted..Medieval Legend – Pope Joan


  5. Adrian (Food Rehab)
    November 25th, 2012 @ 9:27 pm

    I still can’t get the image of you and Az’ ‘The Ring’ pose. Scary….
    Adrian (Food Rehab) recently posted..Cured + Caramelised Sausage, Green Mango, Chilli & Mint Salad (longanisa)


  6. Winston
    November 26th, 2012 @ 3:08 am

    YAYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYA… Time to do the Gami dance. Glad to hear you’re a convert now let’s find more excuses to go to Gami oke? Oke. LOVE this place!
    Winston recently posted..Wince’s Faves: Kaprica, Carlton


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