The week in brief: 6 August – 12 August

This week: Catspam! Cuddle edition! Plus dinner at Shed 5, Gorski and Jones, HAMBURGER CAKE (!!!), breakfast at Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea and crispy prawns. Mhhhhhmmm.

Also, thanks for the blog birthday wishes. 🙂

Guess what? This week I drank ALONE. Like a LOSER. Why? Because Hazzie was “running late”. Blah blah blah. All I know is, I was in Melbourne Public by myself like an Azzie no friends.

(She showed up eventually, but I prefer to hold a grudge.) 😉

We were down in South Wharf for dinner at Shed 5 (disclosure: it was a complimentary meal). Dinner was good. We ate a lot. Desserts were awesome.

(Yah, I’m all about the details tonight. Sorry, my back hurts – see below.)

On Wednesday it was Bro’s birthday. Yay! Bro’s gf organised dinner at Gorski and Jones.

Dinner was pretty good. Because there was a group of us, we had to have a set menu and there was so much food. (It was also ridiculously dark. Wah wah guitar.) More later.

Speaking of Bro’s birthday – our friend Maztech and Bro’s gf made him this AMAZING hamburger cake. The photo does it no justice (it was very dark in the bar): the cake was f’king incredible. It even had peanut butter in it! AHHHHH. DIEEEEE. Ladies, you outdid yourselves. Best. Cake. Ever.

Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea

Today Alastair and I went up to Ascot Vale to have breakfast at Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea. Located on Union Road, the cafe feels really bright and roomy, and with a name like that they’re obviously into their tea and coffee. Alastair had a flat white and I had a long black to kick us off. (Alastair in particular *really* needed coffee. I made him get out of bed earlier than usual!)

After looking at the menu, we had decided, but when Alastair heard that corncakes was one of the specials, he was sold. He had corncakes with guacamole, tomato relish and sour cream. His verdict was yum (no ++s).

I had the Kassler steak: pork, fried egg, crispy potato with housemade tomato relish on sourdough ($16). Actually, now that I’ve looked at the menu for this post, I realise I didn’t get any sourdough. It doesn’t really bother me since I mostly don’t eat bread, but there you go.

It was nice – definitely a carnivore’s breakfast. I actually felt a bit strange eating a pork steak first thing in the morning!

Coffees were pretty good, though the plating up of the food could use a bit more work. The staff were very friendly and lovely. It was a shame that we were too early for lunch – some of the lunch items looked tempting.

Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea
155 Union Road
Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Phone: 03 9375 2179

Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea on Urbanspoon

After breakfast we went to the market, where I picked up (amongst other things) a little pandan cake. There was tea and pandan cake when I got home. YAY.

After that I cooked! I deshelled prawns and wrapped them in kataifi pastry for dinner (and an upcoming post).

Plus I made a double batch of the world’s best chilli sauce. I got a bit stressed when I ran out of it last week. I feel much better now that I have several jars prepared.

However, I did pull a muscle in my lower back while I was cooking today. Seriously – WTF? How does that even happen?? I’m currently hobbling around like an old lady with a heat pack on my back.

Okay enough whinging about my old ladyness. Isn’t South Wharf pretty at sunset? Wishing you all happy eating for next week!