The week in brief: 7 May – 13 May

Some weeks I feel like I do lots of eating. This is one of those weeks. 😐

But before we get into it, this week’s catspam is courtesy of our friend, Dany. She’s in NYC at the moment (woot woot) so we popped in to check on her cats. Say hello to Dougal!

On to the food. On Monday night, Alastair and I paid a visit to our favourite Korean BBQ restaurant – Donwoori. We ate lots of BBQ meat and kimchi. It’s the best.

The next night I cooked a shit dinner and was so despondent I had to eat chocolate. Bah. Bah. Bah. The mince was just boring and nothing I added made it less dull. BAH. (Chocolate helped. Me. Not the mince.)

On Wednesday I got my drink on with Dastardly at Naked for Satan.

Then we met up with Thanh, April and Shellie for dinner at Phat Brats (disclosure: we were invited and our meal was complimentary).

We went into a hot dog frenzy. It was crazy. We spent more time photographing the food than eating it. 😐 GAK.

The hot dogs were pretty good (I still prefer Snag Stand) and the cheesey fries were AWESOME.

We also brought Thanh a cake from Le Petit Gateau because it was his birthday this week. Happy birthday, Thanh! This is the Brownie and Passionfruit Chocolate GΓ’teau – it’s pretty damn good if you like that kind of cake (it’s a bit too rich for me).

Oh, here’s a work lunch with my work BFF again. Instead of our usual haunt of La Chicas, we went to Lava in Balaclava where we both had hummus with spiced lamb mince. It came with pita bread and a side salad. This was an epic-ally filling lunch. So. Much. Hummus. We were both sadly defeated!

(I’m also very glad we didn’t order the hummus with falafel. That would’ve been chickpea on chickpea.)

On Friday night, Alastair and I went to Meat market in South Wharf for dinner.

For mains we had the Dorper salt bush lamb.

And a 28 day dry aged Porterhouse. LOOK AT IT. Mhmmmmm.

As expected, for a place called Meat Market, the meats were good. πŸ™‚ More in-depth post to come.

Yesterday I went to a Jazz apple masterclass hosted by Fast Ed (disclosure: I was invited). He did a cooking demonstration, and afterwards we split into three groups to cook lunch.

My group, with Thanh, Sarah and Sandra, were allocated dessert. Phew. It was the easiest course! The other courses were a slow cooked ocean trout with an apple and herb salad, and the main was a veal escalope with a potato and apple galette and mushroom sauce.

I was very full from lunch (I may or may not have gone home and had a nap…) so I put together a snack plate for dinner: more apples (from the Jazz apple class), jamon, crackers, marinated Red Hill Cheese feta and a small wedge of their Granny’s Blue cheese.

I am so sad that we have finished the blue. We still have a bit of feta left, but that too is running low. πŸ™

Today was a lazy Sunday, which deserved a lazy Sunday breakfast. πŸ™‚ Toast, egg, mushrooms with feta and coffeeeeee.

It also deserved a lazy Sunday dinner. RIBS RIBS RIBS. I started off the ribs with a short stint in the pressure cooker and then finished them off under the grill. They were great.

And finally, today I also made a batch of the best ever chilli saucey. Here’s the recipe – I’ve been making it for years (I leave out the Sriracha and MSG) and it’s the most delicious thing ever. Make it! Generally it comes out pretty spicy, though it does depend on your chillies. This batch isn’t as spicy as my last one, which was blow your head off spicy.

Well done if you read all the way to the end. :p Until next week…