Pocky/Pejoy series: Strawberry and Vanilla Pejoy

Regular readers might remember a post earlier this year about Pocky/Pejoy. Well… after that one post, I haven’t posted any more on the different flavours that Bro brought back from China/HK for me! I’ve been eating them (and purchasing more flavours) – it just hasn’t translated into blog posts. Tsk tsk.

I’m determined to get through them. Take this as my November resolution!

I’ll kick off with this one – Strawberry and Vanilla Pejoy. I love the box on this one. It read: Age of innocence, a memory of sweetness and sourness. Recollect the romance like tasting fresh strawberries with rich cream. Love the taste, stay in the sweet memory for good.

What is that supposed to mean? I don’t know. But it sounds nice!

Like other Pejoys, there is a biscuit stick that’s much more savoury, and the flavour is in the pink “cream” inside the stick. The initial flavour is of a chemical strawberry – like eating lip gloss. It wasn’t that sweet, but there was a very pronounced chemical/fake strawberry aroma, and it ended with a strawberry milk aftertaste.

I didn’t think it was particularly great and I wouldn’t rush to eat it again. Plus I didn’t recollect the romance or stay in the sweet memory. I feel a bit cheated.

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