Pocky/Pejoy series: Green Tea Mousse Pocky

Told you I was going to get through these Pocky/Pejoy posts! Today we’ve got Green Tea Mousse Pocky up for tasting.

Pocky/Pejoy series: Mango Mousse Pocky

It’s time for another flavour in the Pocky/Pejoy series! This time we have Mango Mousse Pocky. Whats the difference between mousse Pocky and normal Pocky? I’m not 100% sure, but it seems that the mousse sticks have a thicker cream coating around the biscuit stick. Like other Pocky flavours, inside the packet were two 24g [...]

Pocky/Pejoy series: Strawberry and Vanilla Pejoy

Regular readers might remember a post earlier this year about Pocky/Pejoy. Well… after that one post, I haven’t posted any more on the different flavours that Bro brought back from China/HK for me! I’ve been eating them (and purchasing more flavours) – it just hasn’t translated into blog posts. Tsk tsk. I’m determined to get [...]

Pocky / Pejoy series: Blueberry Cheese Double Pretz

After our time in Japan (I only have a couple more posts to go!), Alastair and I spent 5 days in Hong Kong and China. While in China, I noticed in the supermarket that there were lots and lots of Pocky and Pejoy flavours (there were probably tons in Japan too, but I wasn’t on [...]

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