Plane food: Emirates

I used to be okay with flying, but the older I get the more I dislike it. I’m not at the Valium stage yet, so I try and give myself things to look forward to in an attempt to distract myself – oooh movies! ooooh going somewhere different! ooooh plane food! Yes, I look forward [...]

Plane food: Cathay Pacific

And we are back! We had a fantastic time in Japan and I have many, many food tales and a gazillion photos. We flew to Japan on Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong, mostly so I could stop there and hang out with my mum on the way back. It was really nice to have that [...]

Plane food: Qantas

We spent last weekend in Wellington to attend the wedding of our good pals, Benisa. We flew Qantas across the ditch, and were served lunch. There were two options on offer – chicken or pasta. I had the teriyaki chicken. It was okay despite the unappetising appearance. Chicken in a sweetish sauce, rice, a sliver [...]

Plane food: Air New Zealand

On our recent long weekend in Wellington we flew Air New Zealand. With a flight time of approximately three and a half hours, just a short hop across the Tasman, a full meal wasn’t served. On the way over to Welly, we were served a light dinner. We were right at the back of the [...]

Plane food: Singapore Airlines

We had four flights on Singapore Airlines. Our first leg was from Melbourne to Singapore, then from Singapore to Capetown. This was the longest we had to travel, about 24 hours all up. It was 8 hours to Singapore, with 4 hours in Singapore airport, then 12 hours to Capetown. Neither of us slept on [...]

Plane Food: Emirates

There’s a sure fire way to gain a couple of kilos in a weekend – spend time with my family. This weekend, Alastair, my Bro and I flew to Auckland to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. (60 years! How incredible is that?!) From the moment we got on the plane we started eating, and [...]

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