Eat Now


Disclosure: this post is sponsored by EatNow

I used to have a drawer under my TV that was dedicated to takeaway. In the drawer lived a pile of menus from numerous restaurants in surrounding suburbs, as well as odd pens and random scraps of paper.

It wasn’t a particularly good system, with nothing filed in order. Whenever I collected a menu I would throw it in the drawer, and over time they got out of date. Deciding on takeaway meant rummaging through the assorted menus, plus having to pick up the phone to make an order.

Fortunately that’s a thing of the past since I started using EatNow – happily my drawer has been freed up for other things (such as a larger collection of odd pens).


If you haven’t heard of EatNow, it’s a website that allows you to order food from restaurants that deliver to your area. It’s something that I’ve been using for a while and it’s brilliant because it makes it so easy – too easy, judging by how often we’ve been ordering takeaway!


The first thing you do is input your suburb, and the website then lists all the restaurants that deliver to your area. Each restaurant listing has a menu with prices, any associated delivery fee, and which payment methods are taken – credit card, paypal or cash. From there you can place your order directly through the website.


The other evening we put in an order to our local Indian restaurant and I used a feature of EatNow that I find quite useful – the history of previous orders.

Since I couldn’t be bothered thinking too hard about dinner, I just reordered a previous meal by clicking on the reorder button.


Upon successfully placing an order, there’s a confirmation text and email that gives an approximate time for delivery.

eatnow ordering

And – this is relevant for me because I’m almost there! – when you make an order you can have it recorded as a Loyalty Order. Which basically means that if you make 7 orders from the same restaurant, the 8th one is free.

EatNow makes ordering dinner really easy – to the point where you only need to get off the couch to open the door. And that’s about a billion times better than a drawer full of takeaway menus.