NZ: Nelson


Alastair and I celebrated Australia Day this year by getting out of the country, taking an extended long weekend to visit Alastair’s mum and step-dad in beautiful Nelson.

What better way to celebrate Australia Day than by heading across the ditch?


Nelson lived up to its reputation as the sunniest spot in NZ during the five days we were there. The weather was stunning the entire time, though of course the company was the best thing about the trip. We spent rather a lot of time sitting outside just looking at the view of the estuary and the bay as time drifted by.

It was rather pleasant.

Northern territories

Well. It was a little bit more than pleasant.


Oh yes, it wasn’t all glorious views and sunshine – there was also food! One evening Terry fired up the faux-Weber and cooked us salmon on cedar planks. The salmon was sprinkled with salt, brown sugar, and mustard powder before being placed in the BBQ.

Prawns on bbq

But before that, Terry did a round of prawns.


They cooked quickly on the coals (none of this gas rubbish for Terry), and were delicious.

Salmon on planks

And the salmon was amazing too after their time in the BBQ.

Roast lamb

Annette also made roast lamb one evening and it too was great. We were so spoilt. <3 View

This was basically the view each night as we ate dinner.




One day we took a daytrip out to Abel Tasman National Park. We drove to Marahau one morning and took a water taxi to Totaranui, where Alastair’s family used to camp regularly when he was younger. Alastair’s tramping days are well and truly past him (and mine never existed!) so taking a water taxi rather than hiking / tramping for days to get there was much more our scene.


The water taxis were dragged out from the carpark and into the ocean by tractors.


We did very little at Totaranui. We hung about in the shade and visited some family friends of Alastair’s.


There was a brief walk to Skinners Point to admire the view, but aside from that there was tea, camp scones and general relaxedness.


Like this seagull, there was also some walking along the beach contemplating life.


And the verdict of the contemplation?

It’s an easy answer: life is beautiful, isn’t it?