Alaska: Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier

One of the shore stops on the Alaskan cruise was Juneau, Alaska’s state capital. Even though it’s the capital, there’s no direct road access to the rest of Alaska or the US, and primary access is by air and sea.

Humpback whale

While there, we took a whale watching trip. And did we see some whales.

Humpback whale

Lots and lots of humpback whales.

Humpback whale

We probably saw about 30 over the three or so hours. There were so many that by the end it was, “Oh it’s another whale yawn.”

Spoilt much?

Mendenhall Glacier

After whalewatching we went to Mendenhall Glacier, which comes down from the Juneau Icefield.

Mendenhall Glacier

Like pretty much all glaciers around the world, it’s receding. šŸ˜

Oh well, it’s still very scenic. I love how blue glaciers are.

Mendenhall Glacier

After the glacier, we headed back to downtown Juneau for dinner before we had to board the ship again.

Crab shack

We could’ve eaten dinner on board but, we were in Alaska, and therefore we had to eat crab, right?

Crab shack


(You can see one of the cruise ships in the background – massive things.)


So we ate some stuff. Like fried crab cakes.


And crab bisque.

Crab roll

And an Alaskan crab roll that had steamed King, dungeness and snow crab meat with coleslaw on top. This looks like all coleslaw but there was actually a lot of crab meat in it.


And if there wasn’t enough crab meat, well Alastair and I also shared this Dungeness crab cocktail, which had 1/2 lb of crab meat (about 230g).

King crab leg

Bro and dad shared the King crab leg, served with melted butter. The King crab definitely had the nicest flavour but it was a lot harder to eat than our crab cocktail – hah.

Alaska summer

Dinner was good – I’m glad we ate out rather than heading back to the ship early.

So that was Juneau. Whales, glacier and crab eating.