The weeks in brief: 2 September – 22 September



Apple danish

So in the past few weeks I’ve continued my quest to eat my way through the danishes at Dana Patisserie. This one was apple and vanilla and more like a regular bakery danish.


I prefer the big tall danishes though – for example, this berry and vanilla one (I think – my colleague brought it for me awwww).

Vegemite scrolls

And in other baked goods news, I made cheese and vegemite scrolls one weekend. It was my first time making bread in the Thermomix and it was very easy.

Mr Nice Guy

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Mr Nice Guy for dinner (disclosure – invited). There was so much food, and it was excellent. I’d definitely head back – more to come.

Union toastie

One morning Alastair and I had breakfast at Union Food and Wine – this was my corned beef and leek toastie. Simple and satisfying.


We also had dinner there with Maz and Daz. I ordered the gnocchi with taleggio and winter truffle. Potato and cheese, you can’t go wrong.

Chicken rice

This week I’ve had a double chicken rice fix. First, this one at Chef Lagenda. The chicken was really, really good this time – very tender and silky. And then I cooked chicken rice on Friday night. Go me, go chicken rice.

Dairy Farmers

This weekend we went to Collingwood Children’s Farm for the Dairy Farmer’s launch of their new yoghurt range, Thick & Creamy (disclosure – invited).


I hadn’t been to the Children’s Farm before. THEY HAVE GOATS. 😀 I made a beeline for them as soon as I saw them. Squee!


Oh yeah there were other animals.


But goats!

Ahh they are so cute. I really like goats.

If there had been llamas (or alpacas), it would’ve been the perfect morning.

Dairy Farmers

Brunch was so lovely though – we sat outside in the sun in a big paddock, and there was food and smoothies and yoghurt (of course).

3 bags full

A couple of other brunches – I visited Three Bags Full with Em one Sunday. My baked beans came on cornbread – brilliant. So much better than normal toast.

The cafe was packed though. It wasn’t really the best place for a relaxing catch up, hah. I’d like to visit again when it’s less busy – whenever that might be.

Petty officer

Today Alastair and I had brunch with Daisy Dase at The Petty Officer. The menu is very limited, and mostly eggs, which I didn’t feel like. So I had the 3 grain porridge with rhubarb, candied orange and whipped yoghurt. It was nice, but the menu is probably too limited for a repeat visit.


I saw some green almonds at the market this weekend, and couldn’t resist buying some. I had a bit of a panic moment when I realised I didn’t know what to do with them, but eventually came up with an idea. This was tonight’s dinner: lamb pilaf with green almonds. Yay, it was yum.

The green almonds are quite interesting – crunchy and a bit tangy. They made me think of cucumber.


And I leave you with this.

Yes, it’s still only September…