Gangnam Pocha

Mix it cool

Gangnam Pocha opened a couple of months ago on Bourke Street (it’s the restaurant with the cartoon figure who may or may not be PSY) and the interior is a bit strange. I don’t recall what was on the site before, but – judging by the patterned carpet and internal doors with stained glass windows – it might’ve been a pub or RSL.

I had dinner there a couple of weeks ago with Alastair, Haz, and Gaz. Gangnam Pocha’s point of difference from other Korean restaurants (apart from the kpop videos they show on a big screen – videos that don’t match the music piped through the speakers by the way) is that they serve Korean street food as well as other more usual dishes.


You select dishes individually from the menu, or you can mix and match from the different columns:

A + B for $25
A + C for $29
B + C for $38
or A + B + C for $45

You can also upgrade C to a hot stew for an additional $3.

Confused? It’s easier when there’s a menu in front of you to look at…

Mix it cool 2

Haz and I saw a photo of the drink in the first picture and well – we ordered it just because it looked cool. How could we resist when you get to “mix it cool”?

It’s a bottle of soju plus maehawasoo (a Korean plum liquor) ($26) and yes, it arrives at the table with both bottles stacked together. The two alcohols gradually mix together until each bottle contains the same liquid.

A waiter came back to separate the bottles for us after we did a little cry for help.

And it tasted… ahhh… well it tasted better the more we drank and ate. 🙂 It was worth it for the novelty factor.

Corn cheese

From the menu A choices, we had the corn cheese.

The corn cheese was delicious – the best I’ve had in Melbourne so far. It was so cheesey. Look at it.

Corn cheese

Go on and take another look.

Fried chicken

From part B we had the Gangnam chicken – fried chicken with sweet chilli sauce and peanuts.

I would have loved this if not for the sweet chilli sauce. The chicken was really nice but sweet chilli just makes me eurgh. One day I will banish sweet chilli (and peas) out of existence.


From part C, we had the spicy seafood rice cake which contained mussels, prawns, squid, a boiled egg and rice cake in a spicy broth. There was so much seafood in this – can I complain that there was too much seafood and not enough rice cake? I know that’s a weird complaint, but… rice cake…

Seafood stew

And we also added an additional hot stew – the spicy seafood stew ($28). Actually, this was quite similar to the spicy seafood rice cake. We wouldn’t have ordered both if we had known. (There’s also a US army stew available which contains assorted ham, beef, kimchi, noodles and cheese – interesting)

Gangnam Pocha

I liked Gangnam Pocha and we had a lot of fun that night (pretty sure the “mix it cool” was partly to blame for the giggle fest that Haz and I had). I’d definitely go back for more corn cheese and to try out more of their menu.

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Gangnam Pocha
141 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9078 8882

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