Meat cooking

The reason Alastair and I ended up at Hallah with Kat and Josh was due to fried chicken.

But before we begin, I must warn you – there’s no happy ending for this fried chicken story. I had a massive fried chicken craving and we were in North Melbourne to attempt to feed it. Unfortunately the place we wanted to go was packed. Kat’s suggestion for noodles (I know, not even close to fried chicken) wasn’t open. Our usual secret Korean haunt was way too busy.

So I suggested Hallah, a couple of doors down. Alastair and I had eaten at Hallah many years ago and I knew they did KFC.

But, but, but. When we sat down and looked at the menu – fried chicken was only served during lunch or after 9pm.


Meat platter

Meat - chicken

Oh well. We settled for BBQ. We ordered a set for two, which came with steak, pork and marinated chicken thigh fillets. For some reason I neglected to take a photo of that menu page, but I recall the price being reasonable.

Corn cheese

We ordered a few more dishes so we weren’t just eating meat. Enter: corn cheese ($10). As you probably know, it’s basically corn kernels and cheese. We all thought it could’ve used more cheese.

Kimchi pancake

The kimchi pancake ($12) was fine – not too greasy, not too floppy.

Tofu stew

I love love love Korean soups / stews, so I made sure we ordered the soft tofu soup with seafood ($14.50). It wasn’t bad, though it could’ve used more depth of flavour and spiciness. It seemed a little “thin” in taste.

Popcorn chicken

And – because yes, I was still obsessed with fried chicken – I hunted on the menu for something, anything, that even resembled. Hi popcorn chicken ($11)!

It wasn’t quite the same and didn’t feed my craving. It was alright though.


Our meal came with banchan of course – kimchi.

Pickled onions

Plus pickled onions.

Bean sprouts

And bean sprouts.


Honestly, the BBQ meats were pretty good. While I didn’t love Hallah like I love secret Korean, it was still a decent meal.

(Though I was still sad that I didn’t get fried chicken.)

268 Victoria St
West Melbourne / North Melbourne
Phone: 03 9329 4293
Web: hallah.com.au

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