Rockwell and Sons

Rockwell and Sons

The logo for Rockwell and Sons is a black pig. As logos go, it’s pretty neat and it gives you a clue that it’s not a place that’s particularly vegetarian friendly.

Located on Smith Street in Collingwood, Rockwell and Son serves up American style diner foods: burgers (listed as sandwiches), hush puppies, onion rings, plus mac and cheese, amongst other things.


I had dinner there the other month with Haz, Gaz, April and Lky. Between the five of us, we selected five sandwiches, one appetiser, and a couple of sides. Five sandwiches between five was super fun times when it came to splitting them (I don’t recommend).

Confit wings

From the Appetisers, we ordered the confit duck wings with red dragon sauce, scallions and sesame ($10), which were really good and covered in a very strongly flavoured sauce.

Prawn roll

On to sandwiches! First was the Maine-style tiger prawn roll ($12), which came with prawns in a Kewpie mayo sauce, and topped with capers and pickled celery in a soft, sweetish bun ($12).

Chicken burger

This was the fried chicken sandwich with buttermilk dressing, iceberg lettuce, Kaitaia fire ($12). This might have been the middle child of the sandwiches – it didn’t stand out but it was a solid performer.


Slightly more stand outish was the pulled Poon Boon lamb sandwich with harissa slaw, smoked eggplant ($12).

Pork rib

The pressed rib sandwich with BBQ sauce, dill, fennel, onion ($9) was a thing of beauty: juicy pieces of rib meat with pickled, crunchy fennel and onion in a lightly toasted bun.

Cheese burger

And the final sandwich (burger): the Double patty smash burger with Kraft, special sauce on a seeded bun ($10). Lky commented that it was “just like a better quality Big Mac”. I can’t remember the last time I ate a Big Mac but it feels like I’m insulting this burger with that comment. It was good!

Onion rings

We also had two serves of the onion rings with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce ($7). They actually could’ve used a bit more salt, though the batter on them was thin and crisp. I wasn’t a big fan of the Dr Pepper bbq sauce though, it was a bit full on for me.

Mac and Cheese

And finally, we also had mac and cheese ($9). We all found the mac and cheese strangely sour. It wasn’t terrible, but we would’ve enjoyed it more if it hadn’t had the sour edge to it.


All in all it was a pretty good meal and we definitely ate our carb and fat quota for the day.

I liked Rockwell and Sons. The atmosphere there is casual, the serves are a satisfying size and everything is pretty well priced.

Oh and hey – don’t feel that you have to be limited to only eating burgers for dinner – I’ve noticed that they’re also listed on the breakfast menu. So next time you have a craving for a double patty smash burger at 10am, you know where to go…

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Rockwell and Sons
288 Smith Street
Phone: 03 8415 0700

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