Masak Masak

Masak Masak

Masak Masak is a newish Malaysian eatery in Collingwood. They describe their food as “Malaysian hawker food with a twist”.

Hazzie suggested it as a dinner outing, and since I never say no to dinner out, along I trotted with Shellie and Daisy and Mr B. Huzzah. I like going to these types of places with a decent amount of people because it means getting to try more stuff. 🙂

Teh Tarik

At the time we visited, they didn’t have a liquor licence, so I had a cold teh tarik instead ($4.50).


First, some little dishes ($5): kimchi + anchovies with peanut, chillies, kecap manis + preserved egg.

The kimchi and the anchovies were complimentary, and oh man I’m glad they gave us anchovies because they were so, so, so moreish and good. They have that whole sweet, spicy, salty, fishy thing going on.

Satay on the grill

Masak Masak have installed a charcoal grill at the front of the shop, and it’s put to good use.


Very good use. We ordered a serve of the satay chicken ($14 for 6 pieces), and enjoyed them so much we ordered more. 😀 The chicken was juicy and had picked up all that lovely smokiness from the charcoal, though we did think the sauce needed a bit more work to be perfect.

Otak otak

We ordered two serves of the Otak-otak, which is a fish mousse flavoured with kaffir lime leaf and wrapped in banana leaf ($9).

Chicken wings

The Buffalo wings had been deep fried in a crispy batter and drenched in an onion sambal ($9). The sauce was really strongly flavoured – quite sweet and salty – and though I liked it, I would’ve preferred a little less sauce.


When you order the prawn wontons ($9 for 6) you can choose between amazing (fried) or awesome (boiled). Hah, cute. We had amazing ones. 😀

Beef ribs

Look at those charcoal grilled beef ribs ($19), look at them. The meat was so tender it came easily off the bone. Mhmmmmm. It was served with sambal oelek.

Wonton soup

This was the Hawker style kon low mee dried egg noodles with prawn wontons ($8). Fun fact, I don’t really like this type of noodle in general, but I thought it was okay.


The stingray ($19) was grilled with a spicy sauce and served with a pineapple salad. Worth ordering.

Lamb ribs

We received a complimentary dish that wasn’t on the menu – lamb ribs. The beef ribs won out for me, but I did really like that crispy skin on the lamb ribs… mhmm so fatty.

Hainanese chicken rice

And finally, the Hainanese chicken rice ($19) was done quite well, with the chicken being nice and silky.

I really enjoyed Masak Masak. The food was good and it was very reasonably priced. Most things are made for sharing, so I highly suggest going in a decent sized group.

Oh, and our resident Malaysians were happy, so win win all around.

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Masak Masak
230 Smith Street
Phone: 9417 4510

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