The weeks in brief: 8 April – 21 April

Lean On

It feels like I’ve done (eaten) a lot over the past fortnight, but I don’t seem to have many pictures. I think I’m getting too lazy to post to Instagram. I don’t really like posting during a meal, and then afterwards I’m over it. Hah. Buhbuhbuh.

Cold drip

In saying that, I still took the time and effort to take a photo of this beauty. Mhmmm cold drip. I need more in my life.

Amazon thinks so too. They keep sending me emails of coffee water drippers. Incredibly expensive, incredibly fragile looking, coffee water drippers.

I think not.


I finally ate at Attica (!) thanks to Kat. We went there for their Tuesday night Chef’s table.

Dinner was good. It wasn’t a wow dinner, but it was really, really nice.

It’s in my “to blog” list, just like everything else in this post.

Masak Masak

There was also dinner at the fairly new Masak Masak.

Masak Masak

It was the yum. Very reasonably priced too. The satays were particularly good, but I enjoyed everything really. More later.

Reading Rooms

Oh, news! Mum and dad are back. Whooo.

Alastair and I picked them up last Saturday, and we had lunch at Reading Rooms (where else).

Slow cooked eggs

Alastair and I also tried using the Thermomix to do slow cooked eggs. We found the whites a bit too runny but the yolks were perfection. A bit more experimentation is required. Unfortunately, there’s a temperature setting for 60Β°C, for 70Β°C, and nothing in between.

Vue de Monde

Hey hey, you guys know this view, right? Right?

This week I attended a Belvedere Vodka Dinner at Vue de Monde (disclosure: invited). Aaaand… I didn’t post any photos of the food… so you’ll just have to wait until I post about the dinner.

(Spoiler: omg it was awesome.)


This weekend, I did a lot of cooking. I don’t think I cooked enough food? :p

I made…

Hainanese chicken rice x 2
Ginger and shallot dipping sauce for the chicken
Spicy cucumber salad
Sher ping pancakes
Pan fried tofu with beansprouts in oyster sauce
Pandan chiffon cake
Pandan custard

Ahhh. I think that was it?

Sher ping pancakes

Here’s a closer look at the Sher ping pancakes.


Finally, today I went to the Abbotsford Convent for Bursaria’s ‘A Touch of…’ high tea (disclosure: invited).

So lovely. Normally at afternoon / high teas the savouries seem to be an afterthought, but both the savouries and the sweets were good.


Oh and today I received new sporks, thanks to Shellie.

It has been a good day. Actually, it’s been a good fortnight. πŸ™‚