The fortnight in brief: 7 January – 20 January


Hihihihihihi. The last fortnight. Let’s go!

La Chicas

There was lunch at La Chicas with my work BFF (who is now sadly on leave for several weeks. Waaaah. CC, I miss you!). This was a massive roast beef sandwich with gruyere and rocket.


Apart from that lunch, I have pretty much eaten a variation of salad and tuna EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s a good thing I like crunchy salad and I like tuna.

Spicy Barbie

Alastair and I had a dinner date with Kat and Josh at Spicy Barbie Chinese Kitchen (Chinese Barbie Spicy Kitchen… Kitchen Barbie Spicy Chinese… aaahhh I can never remember the name of it…)

We mostly went tried and true dishes, except for the pounded tofu which I hadn’t eaten before. It was basically a BUCKET of crumbled tofu cooked in stock (?). It was surprisingly delicious.

Spicy Barbie

Oh yeah, and we totally ordered the lamb ribs. (Yes, yes, they are that good. You know who you are, haha.)

Original Spicy Barbie and Chinese Kitchen post is here.

Waiting for the train


There was also a Yochi visit last week with some of my colleagues. Honey soybean flavour – still the best. I also tried coconut, which was fine, but honey soybean > all the flavours.

Oh and those pearl things? Blueberry pearls! They were awesome.


Ridiculous catspam is ridiculous.


I finally made it to Beatrix last weekend.

It. Is. So. Sweet.

Post to come!


There has been some majorly beautiful sunsets recently.

Footscray Milking Station

Alastair and I also had brunch at Footscray Milking Station. Mhmmm coffee.

Mushroom tart

Food was pretty good too. I had the mushroom tart – puff pastry, mushrooms, goats cheese bechamel and a poached egg.


Aside from that, how hot has it been?

Hot days

I really love summer. 🙂


Here is another catspam for all the cat lovers.


This weekend Alastair and I went to Ballarat (disclosure: we went thanks to Ballarat Tourism).

We left on Friday morning and were a bit delayed by a grassfire on the Ring Road. All traffic stopped for about 45 mins.


I took the opportunity to write some posts. Can’t say I don’t use my time efficiently.

Tuki trout farm

Eventually firefighters put the fire out (it came right up to the road, no wonder it was closed) and we were on our way. Our first stop was Tuki Trout Farm – this was our view for lunch. Not bad, huh?

Tuki trout farm

At Tuki I caught a trout. It was cooked. And we ate it.

(Cool story, I know.)

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with everything we did this weekend right now but I’ll post more about it later.

Ballarat sunset

Ooooh Ballarat, you’re so pretty.

Ghost tour

We did a ghost tour on Friday evening, an hour and a half of wandering around Ballarat being told ghost stories. It wasn’t scary (couldn’t turn the scepticism off, sorry) but it was very entertaining. The guide was a very good speaker.

See: Eerie Tours.

Beer Festival

We spent Saturday at the Beer Festival. It was super fun: sunshine, beer, aaaand I may have snuck in a dirty sausage roll.


Today I made a new friend. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sadly I couldn’t take my new friend home with me, boohoohoo.

High Tea

And we had high tea at Craig’s Royal Hotel (where we stayed) before coming home.


Ballarat was fun – it’s so pretty!

Well that was my fortnight, sort of. How was yours?