The week in brief: 22 Oct – 28 Oct

Happy almost November! (AHHMYGAWD.)

Oh and the story behind this photo. This cat loves the beanbag, and he loves it the most when I’m sitting in it. I got up for thirty seconds and the little bugger stole my seat. He always does it! Whenever I’m on the beanbag I can see him eyeing me up, just waiting for an opportunity to claim it for himself.

Okay, enough catspazzing. Food. I made pikelets one evening, and jeez one batch of batter makes A LOT of pikelets. It took so long to cook them all up, we ate dinner standing up at the stove while babysitting the frying pan.

Totally worth it: pikelets are awesome. Jam and butter, friends. Hell yeah.

I went to the dodgy Balla for lunch a couple of times during the week. The Balla is this manky looking pub on Carlisle St (it’s actually called The Balaclava Hotel) but the attraction is their $12 meals. $12!

The food is pretty good for $12. On this occasion I went for a club sandwich which was stupidly massive.

Alastair and I managed to have lunch together this week. πŸ™‚ We went to La Chicas (as always, as you’ll know from previous posts). He had a burger and look at his chips all cutely presented in a frying basket. Cuute.

I had a pork belly roll. And half of Alastair’s chips. Heheh.

There was also a bloggers’ dinner at Ladro this week (disclosure: it was a complimentary meal).

We ate quite a few dishes, and they were all good. But the best one was this amazing crab tortellini. I can’t find it on the menu, so hopefully it wasn’t a special dish for us! It deserves to be eaten by EVERYONE.

This is roti from Chillipadi Mamak. The roti was good, but the rendang had way too much star anise.

After roti, I headed into the city to meet Hazzie, Taz and Adrian for snacks and drinks at Senoritas (disclosure: they invited Haz and the others, and I went as Hazzie’s date).

They’re launching a late night bar snack menu and new cocktail list. On the menu were items like chicharron, pork belly tacos, guacamole, refried beans, corn, and tostadas.

Cocktails were interesting – for example, pictured is the El Pimento, which contains tequila, lime, agave, jamaica and capsicum. I really liked it, though others thought it tasted like pizza.

There was also a cocktail that contained cucumber and ginger, and we all agreed that it made us think of Hainanese chicken rice…

On Saturday I finally went to Gami with Haz & Gaz, Adrian & CnC, and Wince. First time ever. It’s true – sad, right?

What can I say? Korean fried chicken. So. Good.

Fortified with fried chicken, we then had Sing it on. Good times. πŸ™‚

Hope you had a lovely week too.