The week in brief: 30 July – 5 August

This week: attended the Whet your Appetite dinner, went to Claremont Tonic (a restaurant, not a drink), had udon and bento at Nama Nama plus tons of celeraic soup for dinner.

And spoiler – catspam at the end. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not a good week if I don’t have a drink with my Dastardly friend.

Both of us have holidays planned later this year – what are we going to do without each other? Waaaaaah.

Afterwards, we both went to the Electrolux Appetite for Excellence: Whet your appetite dinner (disclosure – it was a complimentary meal).

It was a good dinner – more details in an upcoming blog post.

Claremont Tonic opened very recently in South Yarra, and on Wednesday I was invited to check it out with a small group of other bloggers (so obviously – disclosure alert).

A couple of cocktails and tons of food later, I was feeling pretty fine and completely full. We ate a ridiculous amount of food, sampling what felt like most of the meal.

I will blog about it in more detail, but just briefly – I thought it was good and enjoyed the food. However, I do think that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. More details to come.

Well that was two rather big meals this week, so I compensated by eating salad at work for lunch, and chicken lettuce wraps for dinner one night (yep Wince, Aussie san choy bao!). And broccoli. I love broccoli.

This weekend was very quiet, but we did make it to lunch at Nama Nama with Haz, Gazman, Bryan, Jo and Wince. This was the Nama Nama Katsu pork bun – filled with a crumbed pork pattie, tonkatsu sauce and a steamed egg.

Good, but a bit pricey at $7.50.

We also had udon (really good) and a bento box (okay).

I liked Nama Nama, but I would probably only go there if I was in the area. I don’t think I’d make a special trip to go back.

Oh, oh! The city Daiso opened recently. Alastair and I walked down after lunch at Nama Nama and it. is. awesome. It’s huge! Heaven heaven heaven.

Last night I made a bit pot of celeriac soup – really healthy if you ignore the big wedge of blue cheese I put into it. Hah. Blue cheese makes almost anything awesome.

And here’s the catspam. Hooray! Hehee you can see some stuffed toys in the background. There’s a handmade Pooh (made by my ex-bf’s mother a long time ago), Wallace, Tigger, and The Taco Bell chihuahua that I got from LA when I was 18. The chihuahua toy has a voice box inside that says “ยกYo quiero Taco Bell!” when pressed. I don’t know what batteries the voice box is using but I’m thinking it might solve the world’s energy crisis – it still works many, many, many years later (I’m not going to tell you exactly how many years, let’s just say that it’s been at least ten).

That was my week! How was yours, friends?