The week in brief: 2 July – 8 July

Hello hi hello! This week: I saw truffles (but didn’t eat any), went to David’s restaurant relaunch, had lunch at The Estelle, and made a totally awesome banana cake with totally awesome cream cheese icing. MHMMM.

I ate so much salad this week. I love it! This bowl was filled with crunchiness – lots of crunch makes for awesome salads. And gherkins. Dear gherkins, how I love you.

This week I was also invited to a launch party at Georgie’s Harvest at South Melbourne Market to celebrate the start of the Otway truffle season. I got to smell the truffles, but sadly there was no eating of them. 🙂

Afterwards, Alastair picked me up and we went to eat dinner at a random “Thai” restaurant. It shall remain nameless, though to be fair, it wasn’t *that* bad. It was okay. Just my usual complaint – it was all too sweet.

Also this week, David’s in Prahran relaunched. They held a bloggers’ dinner to celebrate the reopening (so obviously, disclosure: it was a complimentary meal).

It has all been refitted out, and is all white and bright inside.

I never made it to the original, but I think the food and the atmosphere is now more casual, and the menu has a focus on country Shanghai.

Dishes I really liked in particular was the spicy beef with radish and cucumber, the soy peppered beef with radish and whole chillies, the sticky pork belly and chat potatoes, and the “one bite” soft shell river prawns.

Anyone who is around me taking photos will often find my fingers in their shots. I’m SO PROUD to say that fingerbombing is spreading like a virus. Look at all these fingers in my photo! Haha.

This weekend we went to The Estelle for lunch with a big group of other bloggers. We did the 5 course tasting menu – kind of epic considering most of us hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.

The food was good – everything was amazingly presented. Just look at this wagyu rump.

I will blog it in more detail soon. 🙂

For dinner, I made steamed chicken and cabbage parcels. I didn’t follow a recipe – just threw some chicken meat into the food processor with onion, garlic, chilli and soy sauce, but for the general method on making these, check out this post. They’re kind of like a healthier dumpling. 🙂

Not so healthy: banana cake with boiled cream cheese icing. Alastair and I went and saw friends for lunch today, and I was tasked with dessert. I followed April’s recipe for her best ever banana cake and the recipe on my molasses cake post for the boiled cream cheese icing. It was an amazing combination.

That banana cake is really, really good. The only changes I made was the addition of cinnamon and vanilla bean paste, and I also used four bananas. Plus a different cream cheese icing. Can I talk it up for a sec? The cream cheese icing is so good… swooooon.

Lunch with our friends Em and Mark was great. Mark cooked us a great meal – look at these gorgeous eggplants (those who own Ottolenghi’s Plenty will recognise them!).

It certainly topped off a good eating week. Hope yours was good too!