Common Galaxia

Common Galaxia is the latest venture from the folks behind Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne. They have very recently opened in Seddon and we visited on possibly their first or second week on a Sunday morning. That morning they were very busy and packed right up to the wooden slatted ceiling. So busy that we had to put our names on a waitlist and stand outside in the freezing Melbourne winter because there was no room inside.

This was incredibly unfortunate because it was very cold outside. I was so cold. Look, I just feel the need to tell you again: it was SO COLD.

What wasn’t cold though – the staff. You know sometimes when you go to a cool, hip place, with cool, hip staff, and they’re really busy, you get a bit of “I’m too cool for you” attitude? I’m pleased to say that we didn’t get any of that. Despite the busyness, all the staff were still friendly, and we were allowed back in to wait after it had cleared out a bit. (Thank goodness, because my face was about to fall off.)

Like Dead Man Espresso, the food menu is fairly short but still interesting. For breakfast, there’s several baked egg options, zucchini fritters, avocado on toast, as well as a few sweeter items like baked apple, granola, porridge and pikelets. Lunch sees a selection of smorrebrod / open sandwiches.

Alastair had the baked eggs with Warialda beef chorizo, roasted peppers, passata with chilli, coriander and yoghurt served with toast ($16.50). It looked really good.

I had my eye on the zucchini fritters, but unfortunately they weren’t available on the day we visited, so I went with my second choice – the avocado on pumpkin toast with smashed chickpeas, pomegranate gems, chevre, toasted pistachios and radish salad ($14.50) with bacon ($18). Avocado on toast is pretty simple, but this was elevated by the crunchy pistachios and sweet pomegranate gems.

Plus bacon! I received so much bacon – there were four large pieces on my plate.

Cofffees were good too. I liked that my long black came with additional water just in case.

So Common Galaxia – strange name, but nice cafe. The west side is getting cooler and cooler, hey?

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Common Galaxia
Shop 3, 130 Victoria Street
Phone: 03 9689 0309

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