Mostly I like being an adult. But sometimes it really sucks. Particularly when you have to spend a weekend running errands and doing boring grown up stuff. When I was younger, being an adult looked so inviting – ALL THE FREEDOMS YAY – but the reality can be a bit tedious.

The other weekend, Alastair and I spent a morning dealing with errands. As a reward for being a grown up and dealing with boring grown up stuff, we wandered down to Chicco for brunch. We arrived at about 11am on a Sunday and as they were doing a bustling trade we were fortunate to snag a seat by the large windows (yay natural light). The cafe has high ceilings, a polished concrete floor, and is decorated with white macrame light fittings. They look a bit weird and kitsch but seem to work with the relaxed vibe of the place.

Breakfast is served until 3pm, and lunch starts at 12pm, so we ordered brunch and a round of coffee to start. Chicco uses Padre coffee, and I enjoyed my long black – it was nice and smooth.

The breakfast menu isn’t terribly long, but it does contain some slightly interesting looking options – such as wasabi salmon, and an avocado herb salad with feta and mushrooms, plus eggs served with various things such as beetroot relish, dukkah and pancetta.

Alastair had the wasabi salmon with avocado and wasabi cream cheese on rye ($18). He declared it yum+. 🙂

I chose the house-made baked beans with roasted red onion and spinach and feta pesto on sourdough ($15.50) and added a side of Italian sausage ($3.50). The beans were really good – tender but not mushy. The sauce was a sweetish, rich tomato sauce, and I really enjoyed the onions on top.

I would’ve preferred for the toast to be served on the side rather than underneath the beans, because it made the bread all soggy, but that was a minor quibble.

We finished with another round of coffees before heading home – our third for the day. Eeeek. Oh well. When you’re an adult, you can drink an excessive amount of coffee just because you want to. Actually, you know what? Being an adult isn’t all that bad if I get to reward myself with a hearty brunch at a nice cafe every now and again.

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77 Charles Street
Phone: 03 9687 7194
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