The week in brief: 28 May – 3 June

Hello hello! Happy June (eeeeeeekkkk). This week: pizza P-I-M-P-ing, amazingtown spicy ribs, Besito and hot dog frenzy.

Look at my ten minute dinner: I used a mandolin to julienne zucchini, then sauteed them briefly with sliced onion and garlic. Five minutes in the pan, a bit of salt, a teaspoon of my chilli sauce, and topped with left over roast meat – dinner was ready. Bam. Gotta love a quick weeknight dinner.

On Tuesday, Bro and I went to Lucky Coq to pimp some pizzas (disclosure: we were invited and our pizzas were complimentary).

They’re launching a contest tomorrow (Monday 4 June) – Pimp my pizza – where you can invent a pizza. The prize is glory and $2500 for yourself and $2500 for charity, plus seeing your pizza on the menu for three months at Lucky Coq and Bimbo Deluxe. Whooo.

We had an opportunity to make our own pizzas while there. We were told before we started that the best pizzas are simple with only a few toppings. Of course, once it was time to make mine, that advice flew out the window. I got a bit overwhelmed and ended up with almost everything but the kitchen sink on mine. :p I had… ahh I’m actually a bit embarrassed to tell you: sliced red chillies, blue cheese, mozzarella, lamb mince, pork mince, diced tomato, ummm… jalapenos, chilli sauce, more random cheese, rocket. I think that was it. Surprisingly, it tasted okay.

After that, we had an opportunity to make dessert pizzas. I thought it would be a bit meh, but ZOMIGAWD my dessert pizza was so good! I had mascarpone, berries, cherries, chocolate, a drizzle of maple syrup and white marshmallows (I don’t like pink ones. Particular, I know. And yes, they do taste different.).

It doesn’t sound that exciting but something about the combination of the melted chocolate, the tart berries, the restrained sweetness, the thin pizza crust… it was SO SO good.

On Wednesday, I stopped by Silk Road for the Grinders 50th birthday celebration. I can’t believe Grinders has been around for that long. I had a quick drink and then left with Adrian and CnC for some dinner.

We ended up at Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen, where we had dumplings and their bloody amazing lamb ribs. The lamb ribs were spicy this time (they haven’t been previously), which was a bit too much for Adrian and CnC… but I LOVED it. 😀 Super delicious.

Read my previous post on Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen here.

Oh hello, budget breakfast. Look Lisa, it’s creamed corn again!

This weekend, we went to Besito, a newish Colombian cafe in West Footscray for dinner. It was pretty dark, so this is my only instagram photo. Blog post to come – dinner was pleasant.

Today, Alastair and I tagged along with Thanh to check out Dognation. I really enjoyed the hot dogs, with my fave being the chilli dog (of course) and my second fave was the Tokyo dog. More detailed post to come.

They also serve mash and gravy. Holy smokes. Amazing.

Tonight I made black bean spare ribs for dinner. I was inspired by reading Bryan’s post earlier this week. I didn’t follow his (or any) recipe, and just threw black beans, ginger, garlic and Chinese cooking wine together with some spare ribs. I braised them in the pressure cooker rather than steaming them – they were delicious. They’re not photogenic at all though. Poor ugly spare ribs.

Okay okay. That’s me. How’re you?