The week in brief: 11 June – 17 June

This week: yum cha brunch, a hot chocolate AS BIG AS MY FACE, black bean spare ribs reprise and brunch in Seddon.

Monday was the Queen’s birthday public holiday here in Melbourne, and what better way to celebrate than to have yum cha for brunch? We went to Tao Tao House with my Dastardly friend Haz and Gazman.

Yum cha was delish, except their cheong fun was overcooked (again). It seems to be the one yum cha dish they can’t seem to do right. Everything else was good though, and Haz and I finished with two eggg tarts each… cough.

(I’ve blogged Tao Tao House before here.)

Instead of going straight home, Alastair and I did some grocery shopping, and then we had a hot chocolate at Fraus in North Melbourne. I had a MASSIVE pistachio hot chocolate. Eeeeek I wasn’t expecting it to be so big.

In addition to my bowl of chocolate, Alastair and I also shared a banana caramel crepe with macadamias. It was great, and surprisingly restrained in terms of sweetness. But I took a couple of bites, started instagramming, and then looked up to see that Alastair had quietly scoffed it all. Haha.

(I’ve blogged Fraus before here – a long time ago!)

Catspam makes a return. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The cats are SO cuddly in the winter. SQUISH.

This weekend I did a bit of cooking. I made black bean spare ribs again so I could take proper photos and blog it.

Here’s the finished product! Yum. (Yes Haz, I totally ate rice.)

Today we headed out earlyish to do boring errands, but as a bonus we stopped at Chicco in Seddon for brunch (auto play video warning on that link). This is Alastair’s wasabi salmon. He gave it a yum+. 🙂

It’s a nice cafe – their coffee was good too. Actually, Seddon itself is really nice. I don’t know why we don’t spend more time there.

When we got home, I baked. Caaaaake. This was banana caramel cake. It was friggen awesome – toot toot.

Now – over to you. Eat anything good this week?