The week in brief

This week: interesting skies, home cooking, stuff on skewers, seafood and steak.

For dinner one night, I cooked up a big pot of mussels in a spicy tomato sauce. It was such good dinner and so easy to make. I need to cook mussels more often.

While we ate dinner, one of the cats (Cisco) waited patiently by his bowl to be fed. Poor kitty.

One evening Alastair and I headed to Oriental Charcoal BBQ in Footscray to eat some stuff on sticks. We had lamb and squid.

And I also got a chicken giblet skewer for myself. 😀 We also ordered a plate of fried pork dumplings, which were good. The dumplings had rustic thick skins with crisp bottoms and a really juicy filling.

This dish cracked me up. This is “vegetable combination” – a salad of cucumber, bean curd and peanuts in a slightly spicy sesame oil dressing. It was really delicious, but it was most definitely not a vegetable combination.

And finally (we ate a lot) we also had a plate of crispy, spicy chicken wings.

On Friday night I was home alone as Bro was away for the weekend and Alastair went to the cricket. I sat outside with a plate of cheese and nibbles. It was such a gorgeous night.

See? Gorgeous night. Summer is the best.

This weekend, for the first time in a while, we didn’t have any plans. I love relaxing weekends at home. In the morning we did all the housework, and our reward was lunch at Wayside Inn. Writing my post about Wayside Inn on Friday night made me crave their seafood platter, so naturally we had to order one.

We also shared a bowl of fat chips and a steak – grass fed sirloin, which the kitchen kindly sliced up for us. The steak was delicious – perfectly cooked, juicy, flavourful. I was very happy that we shared though because we were very full afterwards.

Oh look, here’s a shot of the sky.

Since the housework had been done, after lunch I spent the afternoon on the couch reading. I buy lots of books from op shops, and I picked this one up (plus several others) for $1 recently. Oh my god, this book is heart wrenching. It’s really good but it’s so sad. 🙁

And Sunday – today – for breakfast we had paleo waffles with pear and crispy bacon.

And then I made a pudding – pandanus and ginger panna cotta. To be blogged.

Right now I’m making stock in the pressure cooker from pork bones, and when that’s finished I’m going to pot roast / steam a chook in it. Hooray for lazy relaxing weekends. 🙂