This week in brief

St Kilda

I’m starting off a new series – a weekly post that will collect up my twitter / instagram photos or little snippets from my week that don’t warrant a full post.

Mum and dad left for home yesterday – sadness! Before they left, we went to dinner at the Abyssinian. I wasn’t sure if they would enjoy the experience, but Alastair, Bro and I certainly did. It was delicious as always, and we left super stuffed. I think mum and dad liked it too but it can be hard to tell with them sometimes.

See my previous posts on the Abyssinian here and here.

Now that mum and dad have gone home, there’s no one to cook me dinner. And I had to do my own washing yesterday. Outrageous! But before they left, mum made laksa. Yeah oh yeah.

What did you do with your weekend? I made homemade beef jerky. Fuck yeah. It was really easy in my $40 Aldi dehydrator. I’m going to play around a bit with marinades but I’m sure there will be a blog post to come in the not too distant future.

Oyster Frenzy #4 at Albert Park Hotel

Disclosure: Alastair & I attended as guests of Albert Park Hotel

I was invited to attend Oyster Frenzy #4 at the Albert Park Hotel on Thursday night. A large group of oyster lovers gathered upstairs for all you can eat oysters, canapés and drinks.

I ate SO MANY OYSTERS but it was a sad effort compared to some of the people there. My final number was 36, and I must confess that I didn’t enjoy the last couple. I ate them just because I had taken them.

There were about 10 varieties on offer, but to begin with we weren’t very organised and mixed them all up. Also, there was a lack of tables and seating, so it was a bit hard to juggle eating oysters with a drink while standing up. There was no hope of pulling out a notebook to jot down notes, so these thoughts are all from memory:

Clair de Lune – I only had one of these, and found it very metallic.
Batemans Bay – (I think the name was Batemans Bay… I remember that it started with a B! It could’ve been Blackburn?). They were quite strong tasting, very salty with a strong iron, bitter aftertaste.
Port Lincoln – I alternated eating these with the Batemans Bay and found the same thing – strong and salty.
Tom thumb – these tiny little oysters were so cute and went down very easily.
Norfolk – mild compared to the others, not particularly strongly flavoured.
Smokey Bay – I remember eating them, but I don’t remember anything else about them!
Coffin Bay – I liked these the most, they were salty and briney with a very creamy aftertaste.

We had a good time, but I don’t think I can eat oysters again for at least a week. 😉

Albert Park Hotel
83 Dundas Pl
Albert Park VIC 3206
(03) 9690 5459

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