Station Hotel 2

PS: Today is my 4th blog birthday!!!1!!1 (Inappropriate use of exclamation marks justified in this situation.) Unlike last year I don’t have cake or candles, but happy blog birthday to me anyway! πŸ˜€

The day after our excessive cider consumption at Campari House, Bro, Maria and I wisely booked a day off. We took the opportunity of a free day off work (wheee!) and met for lunch at Station Hotel since we enjoyed our previous visit so much.

Maz and Bro started with the tried and true onion soup ($12.00).

While I had the Moorish spiced soup ($12). My soup was soooo good. The fish soup was thick and flavour packed – paprika, fennel, garlic, tomato, and a bit of spiciness. It was served piping hot with croutons and mustard.

For mains, Bro ordered the braised pig’s trotter, β€œPierre Koffmann” with veal sweetbreads, morels, pomme mousseline and Madeira sauce ($32). We thought it didn’t look as large as the mammoth one he was served last time (which is a good thing!). Bro thought it didn’t seem as gelatinous as last time (gelatinous is also a good thing, if you’re wondering) πŸ˜‰ but it was still delicious.

It looked like Maria ordered mushrooms, but these were actually the Welsh Black spicy beef sausages, served with radicchio, Persian feta and soused onions ($28).

It also came with a little pot of polenta sauce. Cute!

I had the gnocchi with capretto and cavelo nero ($28) and it was fantastic. Soft and light, the gnocchi had that melt in the mouth quality. If I could make gnocchi like that, I would never eat it anywhere else! I also really liked the slightly bitter cavelo nero, which was a nice contrast to the cheese and potato.

There was no room left in our stomachs for dessert, so that was lunch ticked off and a day off well spent. Another lovely meal at Station Hotel – each time I visit I like it more and more.

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