A very food bloggers’ Christmas (in July)

A recipe for a very food bloggersโ€™ Christmas (in July).


One food blogger with very firm ideas on a traditional British Christmas menu.

Add one side kick with a house (aka me), happy to go along.

Combine with hungry tummies: Kat, Thanh, I-Hua, Adrian, Celeste.

Include in the mix the sides necessary for a Christmas meal, such as:

Pigs in blankets made by Kat D.

Carrots in white sauce made by I-Hua.

Minted peas (aka the Devil’s vegetable BLEURGH) made by I-Hua.

Brussel sprouts with bacon and onion (aka the Devil’s other vegetable BLEURGHY BLEUGH) made by Kat’s Josh.

A vibrant braised red cabbage with apples made by Kat D.

And seriously delicious duck fat roast potatoes made by Kat.

Place all ingredients on the table, and add the mains:

Two whole roast chickens with gravy and stuffing made by me.

Along with extra chestnut and sage stuffing.

Roast turkey with cranberry sauce made by me.

And top with roast pork with crackling made by Kat.

Stuff all tummies with food until full, and let stand for 30-60mins before adding dessert:

A flaming Christmas pudding made by Kat.

A gorgeous, gorgeous trifle made by Adrian.

And brandy custard to top the Christmas pudding, made by Celeste

Sprinkle in terribly addictive egg nog (made by Thanh) and extra mulled wine (by me).

Combine with a present exchange, token Christmas decorations, good company, and several rounds of Singstar (Solid!) and you have the perfect food bloggers’ Christmas in July.

Read the Boss’s account of the food and festivities here.