Nelson, NZ

Some pictures from our trip to Nelson over Australia Day (as mentioned briefly in the Cafe Vue post). Only a little bit of food content here folks, but there is a cute cat photo. That doesn’t grab your fancy? Well, there’s also numerous shots of beer. Is that better?

Alastair and I had a lovely, relaxing visit in Nelson – visiting Annette and Terry, Alastair’s mum and step dad. We didn’t do terribly much. We did a lot of this – having a quiet drink on Annette and Terry’s deck, watching the view.

Just to make things more exciting, we put wine into the mixture.

Annette and Terry cooked us delicious food – gazpacho and smoked salmon. We didn’t even have to stop watching the view.

We watched a couple of gorgeous sunsets.

And when we could tear ourselves away from the deck, we went down to the beach and had an ice cream – goody goody gum drops in a cone.

There was a walk along the beach.

And we admired the kite surfers.

We drank beer in the park.

While watching the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

There was one dinner of a massive burger.

And stone grilled steak.

We visited a local potter, who not only made beautiful water jugs, but who owned the happiest cat in the world.

We drank more beer.

And laughed at the labels on the back.

While I ate a deliciously creamy seafood chowder with scallops, mussels and smoked fish.

Somewhere along the way we visited a craft brewery, where there was more – you guessed it – beer.

And then we admired the view and watched the sunset some more. Hard life, hey?