Cookbook Challenge: Week 11, Mixed

Recipe: Persian jewelled rice with chickenFrom: The Jewish Kitchen by Clarissa Hyman The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “mixed”, which is a fairly open theme. I had a few ideas for things I could do for this week. I thought that I could make something that had different textures, or a dish that [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 10, Cool

Recipe: Iced beetroot soupFrom: Jill Dupleix’s Lighten Up Argh! I’m late for (last week’s) Cookbook Challenge! Despite knowing what I was going to make at the beginning of the week, I’m still late with it! In my defense though, I was going to do it in the weekend but ended up spending all day Saturday [...]

Pocky / Pejoy series: Blueberry Cheese Double Pretz

After our time in Japan (I only have a couple more posts to go!), Alastair and I spent 5 days in Hong Kong and China. While in China, I noticed in the supermarket that there were lots and lots of Pocky and Pejoy flavours (there were probably tons in Japan too, but I wasn’t on [...]

Japan: Kyoto – Yakitori typhoon special

On Wednesday, 6 October 2009, Typhoon Melor, the first typhoon to reach landfall in Japan in two years, arrived on Japan’s south coast. The next day, it hit central Japan, bringing heavy rain and winds, disrupting flights and train services and sadly causing a couple of deaths. We were in Kyoto at the time of [...]

Blueberry and coconut muffins

Cookbook Challenge: Week 9 Theme: Berry Recipe: Blueberry and coconut muffinsFrom: Australian Women’s Weekly “Kitchen” So guess what the theme is this week for the Cookbook Challenge? Berry. And guess who did berry pancakes LAST week? Yep, genius over here! Obviously I don’t plan my weekly recipes in advance. If I had been clever, I [...]

Japan: Kyoto – Tea ceremony

As mentioned in the ramen post, Kyoto was our last stop in Japan. Kyoto is one of Japan’s best preserved cities, and was the capital and the emperor’s residence from 794–1868. The city is full of temples, shrines and has an amazing cultural heritage. While in Kyoto, one of the places we saw was Kinkaku-ji [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 8, Sweet

Recipe: Berry buttermilk pancakesFrom: Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “sweet” and I decided to make pancakes. What is sweeter than a leisurely Sunday breakfast of pancakes with the one you love? Not much, I think! The Cook’s Companion suggests preparing the batter the night before, up to [...]

Japan: Kyoto – ramen

Kyoto was our last stop in Japan (sob, sob, sob) and when we got there we realised we had eaten almost everything we had wanted to on the trip – apart from ramen. Naturally this had to be rectified! So ramen for dinner it was, at a small place around the corner from our hotel. [...]

Japan: assorted bento boxes

During our trip in Japan, we travelled across the country by trains and Shinkansen. The Shinkansen, a high speed “bullet train”, was fantastic. The Nozomi service is the fastest, with the trains reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h (!). You can’t travel on Nozomi on a Japan Rail pass, so we were on the [...]

Lemon cheesecake

Mhmmmm cheesecake. I love cheesecake but it’s not something I have often because it’s so decadent. But any food consumed during Christmas has no calories (right??) so I took this cheesecake along on the day. There was tons of food already, so we only ate half of it, and the other half went home with [...]

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