The weeks in brief: 14 October – 17 November

Oh wow hi. It’s been a month since I last did one of these posts.

The weeks in brief: 23 September – 13 October

Hi, how are you?

The weeks in brief: 2 September – 22 September


The weeks in brief: 19 August – 1 September

Is Spring coming? Oooh excitement.

The weeks in brief: 5 August – 18 August

I can’t believe we’ve been back home for two weeks. Saaaad. Okay, enough moaning.

The weeks in brief: 22 July – 4 August

Well, we’ve been away for the past two weeks (we’re on our way back home today – hooray for prescheduled posts – thanks PastAgnes) so there is a fair bit to this update. Hi! Strap yourselves in!

The weeks in brief: 1 July – 21 July

Whoops! I lost track of my weeks, so this post has three weeks worth of blah blah blah.

The weeks in brief: 17 June – 30 June

I have amassed a lot of photos from the last fortnight. You are warned.

The weeks in brief: 3 June – 16 June

Hi hi. Before we get into the last fortnight, first some news about Foodbank Victoria: Foodbank Victoria launched its Warm Up Winter campaign this month, aiming to raise $100,000 for the 500,000 Victorians struggling to meet the cost of living. Foodbank Victoria is the state’s oldest and largest food relief organisation that delivers nutritious, healthy [...]

The weeks in brief: 20 May – 2 June

Busy fortnight. I looked at all these pictures and was surprised they were from the last two weeks. O_o Hi ho a merry-o.

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