The weeks in brief: 3 June – 16 June


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Before we get into the last fortnight, first some news about Foodbank Victoria:

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Foodbank Victoria launched its Warm Up Winter campaign this month, aiming to raise $100,000 for the 500,000 Victorians struggling to meet the cost of living.

Foodbank Victoria is the state’s oldest and largest food relief organisation that delivers nutritious, healthy food to people experiencing hardship. They estimate that 1,725,000 meals will be required to feed Victorians doing it tough this winter.

Did you know?

  • 526,700 Victorians are living below the poverty line
  • Approximately 90,000 of these people are children
  • 11.4% of people in Melbourne live below the poverty line
  • 12.9% of regional Victorians live below the poverty line
  • 29% of households in poverty had a wage earner as the main income
  • 25% of sole parent households are in poverty
  • To help raise awareness of how urgently food is needed, Foodbank Victoria has partnered with JMC Academy to create a series of short films to launch the annual fundraising campaign, which can be viewed on YouTube. The films illustrate the individual stories of Victorian’s living in crisis who rely on food relief for a regular meal, including single mothers, pensioners and individuals, who after paying the bills, may have less than $20 a week to feed themselves. The films also demonstrate how much work is involved to get food onto the plate, to highlight the growing need for financial assistance to continue to provide fresh produce to food agencies.

    How you can help

  • Visit www.warmupwinter.org.au
  • Donate what you can to help feed Victorians living in crisis
  • Share the short films via Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of the work of Foodbank with the hashtag #warmupwinter
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