Singapore: MOS Burger

This is a rewind to our UK trip last year – that I never got around to properly writing up! So, it’s fairly apparent from this blog that I like food. I like all kinds of food. I like the occasional super duper crazy expensive high end dining, and I also like the occasional trashy […]

Singapore: Newton Food Centre

Newton Food Centre is a major food centre that was first opened in 1971, and is widely promoted by the Singapore Tourist Board. Apparently it has a reputation for being touristy and expensive. We went there for dinner on our last night in Singapore, solely because I discovered that our hotel was just down the […]

Singapore food: random Japanese

On one of our evenings in Singapore, we caught up with a friend who lives there. We met him near his workplace, and ended up in a random Japanese restaurant in one of Singapore’s many malls. We had been starved of seafood during our trip, so I was looking forward to having some sashimi. We […]

Singapore food

Gak! Has it really been almost two months since we got back from Africa? And I still haven’t finished posting all my photos. What a slacker. The more direct route to South Africa is through Perth, but I was pretty keen to stop in Singapore on the way back (plus I’m not really a fan […]

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