WLG – Wellington pop up restaurant


Have you heard about the Wellington pop up restaurant? In Melbourne for two weeks only, it’s a little taste of Wellington, New Zealand, in the form of a three course meal. As soon as the tickets were released, I pounced on them and booked a table. Why was I so keen? Well, as long time readers of this blog will know, Alastair, Bro and I all grew up in Wellington. Yes, I am a kiwi (ex-kiwi?) and I still have a soft spot for my old hometown.


Cruising: the food

In my previous cruise post, I mentioned that some of the food was good and some of it was terrible. Mostly it was okay. But considering the limitations of cooking on a massive ship for almost 1800 passengers and 800 crew, I think generally the chefs did a good job.

As an aside, my only regret from the whole trip is that I didn’t get my arse out of bed early enough to go to the chef’s demo and GALLEY TOUR on one of the last days of the cruise (and when I say early, I mean 10am. Hopeless, truly hopeless.) Remember that I am not a morning person, though normally even 10am is okay for me. I blame needing to get up early the previous couple of days to go island visiting. I desperately wanted a lie in!


Thanks to Be @ Home for featuring me in one of their Best of the Web posts!

As mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I was on a boat! Bro and I spent 10 nights on a cruise to New Caledonia with mum and dad – ooh first family holiday in… 10? 15 years? (Yes, Alastair stayed home – wah wah wah.) It was a very relaxing holiday, and it was also dad’s birthday while we were on board. Good times! Here’re some photos…

Nelson, NZ

Some pictures from our trip to Nelson over Australia Day (as mentioned briefly in the Cafe Vue post). Only a little bit of food content here folks, but there is a cute cat photo. That doesn’t grab your fancy? Well, there’s also numerous shots of beer. Is that better?

Alastair and I had a lovely, relaxing visit in Nelson – visiting Annette and Terry, Alastair’s mum and step dad. We didn’t do terribly much. We did a lot of this – having a quiet drink on Annette and Terry’s deck, watching the view.


Singapore: MOS Burger

This is a rewind to our UK trip last year – that I never got around to properly writing up!

So, it’s fairly apparent from this blog that I like food. I like all kinds of food. I like the occasional super duper crazy expensive high end dining, and I also like the occasional trashy fast food. I don’t mind admitting that we sometimes eat at McDonalds (though I do draw the line at Hungry Jacks – now that shit is disgusting). Some evenings we eat really well – I’ll cook an elaborate feast that has taken hours in the kitchen – and other evenings it’s toast and canned soup. So it’s in that fast food vein that I present to you: MOS BURGER!

We spent most of our time in Singapore seeing friends, but one day we were wandering around the malls (as you do in Singapore) when we came across MOS Burger. We ate at MOS Burger only once in Japan, so we were very excited to see it!

Assorted UK photos, part 3

The last of the random UK pics – figured I may as well put them up!

Wales; Historical iron foundry; Coal mine; Brecon Beacons; Stow on the Wold; English countryside.

Not pictured: a million and two roundabouts.