Cruising: the food

In my previous cruise post, I mentioned that some of the food was good and some of it was terrible. Mostly it was okay. But considering the limitations of cooking on a massive ship for almost 1800 passengers and 800 crew, I think generally the chefs did a good job.

As an aside, my only regret from the whole trip is that I didn’t get my arse out of bed early enough to go to the chef’s demo and GALLEY TOUR on one of the last days of the cruise (and when I say early, I mean 10am. Hopeless, truly hopeless.) Remember that I am not a morning person, though normally even 10am is okay for me. I blame needing to get up early the previous couple of days to go island visiting. I desperately wanted a lie in!


Thanks to Be @ Home for featuring me in one of their Best of the Web posts!

As mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I was on a boat! Bro and I spent 10 nights on a cruise to New Caledonia with mum and dad – ooh first family holiday in… 10? 15 years? (Yes, Alastair stayed home – wah wah wah.) It was a very relaxing holiday, and it was also dad’s birthday while we were on board. Good times! Here’re some photos…