Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company

There’s something nice about getting out of Melbourne for a drive and lunch – even if it’s only down to the Mornington Peninsula or to the Yarra Valley. When you go with friends it’s even better: you can sing along to cheesy songs (stop right now, thank you very much / the vengabus is coming [...]

CherryHill Orchards: cherry picking

There’s so many good things about summer: the long days, the sunshine, the fruit. Oh, the fruit! All of my favourites are in season: mangoes, lychees, blueberries and cherries. The cherry season in Victoria runs from late November to January, and several orchards around Melbourne have the option to pick your own fruit.

De Bortoli

Last week was a busy one – work was unusually silly and my mother-in-law, Annette, was visiting. On Monday, Alastair and I took the day off and the three of us headed out to the Yarra Valley for a long lunch. Alastair had a new GPS unit to play with, so we entered a random [...]

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