Miss Katie’s Crab Shack

Fried chicken. Crab boil. Corn bread. Chilli dog. Crab burger. If that sounds good to you, I suggest going to the front room of The Public Bar for Miss Katie’s Crab Shack for a potentially messy but delicious meal. I visited with Thanh and Alastair last weekend for an early dinner and we made a [...]


The reason Alastair and I ended up at Hallah with Kat and Josh was due to fried chicken. But before we begin, I must warn you – there’s no happy ending for this fried chicken story. I had a massive fried chicken craving and we were in North Melbourne to attempt to feed it. Unfortunately [...]


This is a story of how three food bloggers couldn’t organise a dinner to save themselves. Even with the three of us, we couldn’t think of anywhere we wanted to go. After racking our brains (aka Haz and I bullying the youngest into coming up with ideas) the first suggestion was shot down as we [...]

Royal Mail Hotel On Spencer: Melbourne Food & Wine Festival – Are you game?

Going back to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival for a moment – as well as the Hawkers’ Market, Bro and I also attended the “Are you game?” dinner at the Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer. Also known as the “roadkill” dinner, it was an evening of dishes showcasing different Australian game meats. Apart from [...]

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