Hannah is sweet. This Hannah is probably the sweetest Hannah of all Hannahs in the entire world (sorry to all other Hannahs, it’s truth) but unfortunately she’s on the other side of the world. Much closer to me is cafe Hannah, located down the St Kilda end of Chapel Street. It’s not quite as sweet, [...]

Newmarket Hotel

Note: this is a scheduled post while I’m away. Replies to comments/emails will be even slower than usual. Alastair and I are currently romping around South America – if everything has gone to plan, today we will be on the final leg of the trek to Machu Picchu. Before we left, we had a celebratory-hooray-almost-on-holiday [...]

Soul Mama (closed)

Last year, Alastair got the opportunity to go to Mumbai for business. While there, he was kindly shown around by a couple of his colleagues in the Mumbai office. This weekend, he finally had a chance to return the favour, when two of those colleagues came over for a visit. On Sunday we took them [...]

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