Twenty & Six Espresso

Do you want to hear something dumb? I (occasionally and only when Alastair and I are alone) burst into spontaneous jingles narrating whatever I might be doing at the time. At the supermarket buying snacks? “Buying all the snacks, buying all the snacks, I’m at the supermarket buying all the snacks.” You get the idea.

Casa & Bottega: MFWF croquembouche class

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and Casa & Bottega. Ahh croquembouche. Apart from being a tall towering thing of beauty, it’s really fun to say. I’ve always admired them before, but never made one. They just seemed *difficult* but you know what? It was actually much easier than I [...]


Occasionally, I find myself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to own a cafe?” And then I immediately give myself a mental smack. For many varied reasons, this is a Very Bad Idea. However, in that hypothetical situation – that one where I’m a totally different person and have a different mindset and skills – Beatrix [...]


Where I grew up, the weather was pretty stable. It was shit, but it was stable. When it rained (and it did often), it rained for days – pelting, horizontal rain. When it was windy (and it almost always was), it was a strong, bitterly cold wind that would turn umbellas inside out in an [...]

Gurney Drive (closed)

One evening on our way home from the CBD, Alastair, Bro and I stopped at Gurney Drive for a quick meal. The restaurant, presumably named after Gurney Drive in Penang, Malaysia, sells Penang Malaysian hawker food. It’s decked out with bright walls, framed pictures, and heavy wooden tables and chairs – oh, and lots of [...]


I have a theory about Donwoori, a Korean restaurant on Victoria Street, North Melbourne (across the road from the Queen Victoria market). It has almost zero online presence: it’s not in the white pages and it’s not listed on Urbanspoon. (Update: it’s there now! But it wasn’t at the time of posting) The only places [...]

Wooga Korean Restaurant

Is it immature to want to eat at a restaurant merely because of it’s name? If so, count me as immature because I was keen to eat at Wooga for that exact reason! Woooooooga woooooga. (Someone please stop me.) Wooga is a Korean barbeque restaurant located across the road from the Queen Victoria market, in [...]

Assorted eats

I know that I’m not the only food blogger who struggles with this. Basically, I eat more than I blog, which means I have a rather large amount of photos accumulated. In order to get through some of them, I’m going to cram several places into a couple of posts. After that maybe I’ll tackle [...]

Cafe Plum 6 (closed) & Penguins!

Last weekend the Boys and I went to see the Penguins! at the Melbourne Aquarium. We got up early and had brunch in the city before heading there. Brunch was extremely forgettable, so I think I’ll tell you about a couple of past visits to our favourite cafe instead! A wee while ago, Bro and [...]

A series of brunches: Auction Rooms, Orange and Café Plum (closed)

Auction Rooms103-107 Errol Street, North Melbourne Phone: 9326 7749 Claire highly recommended Auction Rooms, so a couple of weekends ago we went there for brunch. It’s a large, impressive space, all wooden beams, eclecticness and hipsters, and was very busy and bustling when we arrived. After a look at the brief menu, I decided on [...]

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