Mr Ed

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course, That is of course, unless the horse, Is the famous Mister Ed. Does anyone else remember this show? And did anyone else ever want to now why Mister Ed talked? Or why he only talked to [...]


Note: this is a scheduled post while I’m away. Replies to comments/emails will be even slower than usual. Streat is great. Here’s four reasons why: 1: Chipotle spiced beans with pork belly. For breakfast. 2: It’s a social enterprise and assists homeless youth with hospitality training. 3: They have a breakfast called Dogs breakfast that [...]

Fifty-Six Threads Cafe

“Hey Azzie. I’m in your hood,” Haz messaged me one day. “We’re going to Fifty-six threads.” “Where? Are you buying sewing supplies?” was my response. She told me it was a social enterprise venture that had launched at the end of last year by AMES – an organisation that helps new and recently arrived migrants [...]

Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen

There’s an inner glutton in me. She is mostly tamed and kept deep down inside, but occasionally she rises to the surface. Normally she comes out in the presence of other gluttons ie Ms Kat. However, I discovered the other night that my glutton is only a glutton in training in comparison to Kat. Kat [...]

The Premises 2

Alastair and I are quite different, but we have a really good relationship. Part of that is because despite our differences, we have the important things in common. We hold similar political views, are non-religious, and most importantly – neither of us are morning people! Even though we’re not morning people, we’ve recently started getting [...]

The Premises

I love a leisurely weekend cafe brunch, but I have quite specific brunch desires when it comes to eating out – the café must have interesting sounding savoury options. I don’t want to eat somewhere that just does eggs and toast and muesli. I can eat that at home! Alastair and I were down in [...]


The other weekend we headed to Tonik with our regular dining pals, Benisa (Ben + Lisa) plus Nathan. Tonik is a bar located in Kensington Village, which does some rather good food. It feels very cosy inside, with couches and an open fire place on one side of the room and tables on the other. [...]

Blush Foodroom (closed) – Happy Birthday, Bro!

It was Bro’s birthday on Friday – 08/08. How lovely that the Olympics were scheduled especially to celebrate his birthday! On Friday night, we went to Blush Foodroom to kick off the eating weekend. Blush is located on a corner, in a cottage that was once a milk bar. Nowadays, it’s a split-level restaurant that [...]


Last weekend Alastair made a small bet on the NZ versus France rugby World Cup game. He bet on France (what a bad kiwi!) so we headed to Kensington Village to pick up his winnings. We stopped for brunch at KitcCh, which is across the road from the TAB. The Boys and I have our [...]

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