Cafe Cui

What’s your thoughts on the best brunch dish? Smashed avocado? Corn fritters? Pancakes? French Toast? How about baked eggs? Baked eggs should definitely be up there, in my opinion.

The Reading Room Cafe

We eat at Reading Room Cafe so much it’s a wonder we go anywhere else for brunch. Melbourne has a ton of cooler than cool cafes, and when I asked the Boys for help with an analogy, they said: “If Melbourne’s hip cafes are the popular kids, Reading Room Cafe is like that nerdy kid [...]

Footscray Milking Station

We’re spoilt for choice for cafes in Melbourne. Totally spoilt. So much so that making a choice can be slightly overwhelming at times. (And yes, I know – total first world problem.) So when faced with making an option, I often defer back to our tried and true places to avoid having to think about [...]

1 + 1 Dumpling Noodles

You wouldn’t expect lamb skewers to be the best thing on the menu at a restaurant named 1 + 1 Dumpling Noodles. But if you make it to this casual restaurant in Footscray and don’t eat at least two lamb skewers each, you’re missing out. 1 + 1 Dumpling Noodles has been around for quite [...]

Station Hotel 2

PS: Today is my 4th blog birthday!!!1!!1 (Inappropriate use of exclamation marks justified in this situation.) Unlike last year I don’t have cake or candles, but happy blog birthday to me anyway! The day after our excessive cider consumption at Campari House, Bro, Maria and I wisely booked a day off. We took the opportunity [...]

Station Hotel

I must be getting old(er) because I’ve become a big fan of going out for lunch in the weekend, rather than dinner. Why? Well, some positives: Lunch is more relaxed. Plus there’s more light in restaurants, which means it’s easier to take photos – always important to a food blogger. It’s nice being home in [...]

Footscray Lunar New Year Festival

We went to the Footscray Lunar New Year Festival recently – Chinese New Year is tomorrow, but the Festival was held a couple of weeks ago. It was a hot and windy day, so we showed up at Footscray early in an effort to beat the heat. We did a quick lap of all the [...]

Dai Duong

On the Sunday of my Bro’s birthday weekend, we went to yum cha. He woke up feeling a bit nauseous (hung over), but when I suggested that we reschedule yum cha, he bravely said that he would eat through the pain. What a trooper! When it comes to yum cha, we used to go to [...]

Hong Kong BBQ & Seafood Chinese Restaurant

The Nobbies – Phillip Island As mentioned in an earlier post, my mum and dad were over for a visit recently. Mum did manage to find the three surfaces that I had neglected to clean, but since she cleaned up as she complained, that was a-okay! Along with cleaning my poor neglected house, mum and [...]

Hien Vuong Pasteur

Whenever we have visitors, we mostly let them sort out their own sightseeing. I love this city, but I find it hard to think of interesting “touristy” things to do. Unlike other cities that have several must-see sights, Melbourne has charms that grow on you over time. While we’re not good with the sightseeing agenda, [...]

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