Smith and Daughters

Disclosure: Alastair and I attended courtesy of Smith & Daughters. Smith and Daughters is a new restaurant on Fitzroy Street, serving latin plant based food. Plant based? Yes, it’s another way of saying that it’s a vegan restaurant, with no animal products used in any of the food or drinks. The restaurant is near the [...]

Hinoki Japanese Pantry

Can’t be bothered cooking dinner? Sureeee you could get greasy takeaway, but in my opinion a much better option is one of these sushi / sashimi platters from Hinoki Japanese Pantry. Hinoki Japanese Pantry is a Japanese grocer plus sushi bar on Smith Street in Fitzroy. They sell a range of Japanese foodstuffs: snacks, condiments, [...]

Hammer and Tong

Random Fridays off work are the best. The Best. Not just because it means a three day weekend (and when is that going to be implemented world wide? I will join that movement) but because sometimes it means that I get to have breakfast with my friend Em.

Moon Under Water

Moon Under Water is the latest offering by Andrew McConnell, who seems to be gradually taking over Melbourne with his restaurant empire: Cumulus Inc, Cutler & Co, Golden Fields, and The Builders Arms. Part of The Builders Arms, Moon Under Water is the more formal dining room, and I’m not sure if this is part [...]

The Commoner: Whiskey Business

What’s better than having a girls’ night out with my Dastardly friend? A girls’ night out with WHISKEY. Truthfully, I’m not really a whiskey drinker, but as with any booze – I’m a willing learner. Hah. Every couple of months this year, The Commoner release movie inspired menus. They had Poultrygeist in February, Claws in [...]

Phat Brats

Disclosure: I dined courtesy of Phat Brats. First it was gourmet burgers, and now it’s time for the humble hot dog to take the leap into Gourmet Town. Step aside glammed up burgers – it’s time for posh dogs to shine. Phat Brats is one of the latest to get in on posh dogs. Located [...]

The Commoner

Disclosure: Alastair and I dined courtesy of The Commoner. My last visit to The Commoner in Fitzroy was a disgracefully long time ago. It was back in 2009 for a food bloggers’ meet up where the Commoner generously let us use their courtyard and their wood fired oven. How kind is that? Ever since then [...]

WLG – Wellington pop up restaurant

Have you heard about the Wellington pop up restaurant? In Melbourne for two weeks only, it’s a little taste of Wellington, New Zealand, in the form of a three course meal. As soon as the tickets were released, I pounced on them and booked a table. Why was I so keen? Well, as long time [...]

Cutler & Co: Sunday lunch

When Kat suggested going for lunch somewhere nice last Sunday, she neglected to mention that it was for her birthday! Naughty bugger. Happy 21st birthday again, dear! So for Kat’s secret birthday lunch, we went to Cutler & Co. On Sundays there is a set menu for $70, which highlights Victoria produce. You may remember [...]

Provincial Hotel: Porkfest

Pork is very common in Chinese cooking. And when my mum cooks, she puts pork in almost everything. When she’s cooking a vegetable dish she will normally add strips of pork, even when she’s already serving a couple of meat dishes. When making Chinese soups, she normally adds pork meat or bones. It would be [...]

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