Storm in a Teacup

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Storm in a Teacup and Zilla & Brook. The story goes that the origins of tea began about 4,700 years ago. It’s said that Chinese Emperor Shennong was drinking a bowl of boiled water when some leaves from a nearby wild tea tree fell in. What would you do if [...]


Cibi is so sweet. So sweet. Cibi is a cafe with Japanese leanings, located in Collingwood on a street that’s a strange mix of industrial / commercial / quiet residential. One sunny Friday, I had breakfast there with my dear friend Em.

Bursaria: A Touch Of…. High Tea

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Bursaria and Zilla & Brook. I seem to be going to a few afternoon teas lately – and I am certainly not complaining! It’s such a lovely thing to do – sip tea or coffee while nibbling little morsels of food. I love it. One of the ones I attended [...]

Masak Masak

Masak Masak is a newish Malaysian eatery in Collingwood. They describe their food as “Malaysian hawker food with a twist”. Hazzie suggested it as a dinner outing, and since I never say no to dinner out, along I trotted with Shellie and Daisy and Mr B. Huzzah. I like going to these types of places [...]

Rockwell and Sons

The logo for Rockwell and Sons is a black pig. As logos go, it’s pretty neat and it gives you a clue that it’s not a place that’s particularly vegetarian friendly. Located on Smith Street in Collingwood, Rockwell and Son serves up American style diner foods: burgers (listed as sandwiches), hush puppies, onion rings, plus [...]

Proud Mary

Proud Mary has been around for a while, and from the beginning it’s been hot. And on a particularly hot Friday temperature wise, I was there for breakfast with my friend Em (Random Friday Off Work – huzzah). It was our second attempt for Random Friday Off Work breakfast there – our first attempt was [...]

Gorski and Jones

I’m a pain in the ass with birthdays. I keep mine very quiet, but when it comes to someone else’s… I’m that annoying person who goes around telling EVERYONE that someone’s birthday is coming up (tick), or who’ll bake a cake and make everyone sing happy birthday (tick), or even decorate someone’s desk with a [...]

Gasometer (closed)

Bro and I had been speaking about checking out Gasometer for a while. Located in Collingwood, they’re a pub that serves American style diner food. Bro loves American food, and I’m a food enabler, so ever we found out Gasometer serves chicken and waffles, it has been on our “to visit” list. It was my [...]

Charcoal Lane: dessert

About a billion years ago – or a few months, depending on how much you like hyberbole – we had dinner on Smith Street with Maria and Daz. Dinner was okay, but wasn’t quite satisfying enough for us to want to eat dessert there. So when Maria suggested we head to Charcoal Lane for dessert, [...]

Provenance Food & Wine: What a Pear!

In May, Provenance in Collingwood held one of their semi-regular seasonal produce events. The latest was an autumn degustation to celebrate local pears, held over three evenings, with 7 courses for $75 and matched wines for an additional $22. Alastair and I rounded up Dany for a peary peariffic evening. The first course was a [...]

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