albert park

The Petty Officer


It’s too hard to decide where to brunch in Melbourne.

It took about a week of brainstorming before Daisy and I could settle on a place for a brunch date. It wasn’t a matter of not liking suggestions – we just had too many ideas. One suggestion was The Petty Officer in Albert Park and we settled on it in the end because I hadn’t visited before and had heard good things about the place.


Taste of Melbourne 2012: opening night

Disclosure: I attended the opening night event preview courtesy of Taste of Melbourne.

Taste of Melbourne is back over the next few days, and tonight I attended a preview of the event with a group of other bloggers. Over several hours, we were shown a little of what’s happening and available this year.

The biggest change for 2012 is the location – previous years have been held at the Royal Exhibition Building, but this year it’s at Albert Park Lake.



Located just about on the beach on Beaconsfield Parade in Albert Park, Nshry (pronounced Noshery) used to be a run down kiosk that has now been renovated into a nice cafe with a slightly silly name. (Sorry, it is. Gotta say it.)

I visited the other week with Alastair and my MIL Annette. I had heard that the corn fritters at Nshry were really good, and I was keen to take my MIL somewhere with a view of the ocean to take full advantage of the glorious autumn weather.