Smith and Daughters

Disclosure: Alastair and I attended courtesy of Smith & Daughters. Smith and Daughters is a new restaurant on Fitzroy Street, serving latin plant based food. Plant based? Yes, it’s another way of saying that it’s a vegan restaurant, with no animal products used in any of the food or drinks. The restaurant is near the [...]

Bowery to Williamsburg

I keep wanting to call this cafe Bowery to Williamstown instead of Bowery to Willamsburg. The real name is a homage to New York’s Bowery subway station, but I personally feel that the owners missed an opportunity to work in a reference to Melbourne. I’m sure that Willamsburg, New York is 100000% cooler than Williamstown, [...]

Prahran Market: Harvest the Sea and the Vine – MFWF

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Prahran Market. It’s that time of year again – yes, it’s March and the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is back. I don’t have much planned for this year’s festival for some reason. I had a bit going on when the program was released last year and just never got [...]

Nobu: Taste of Peru

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Nobu and Media Moguls. Peru is awesome. Peru is good. Peru is definitely worth a visit. But it’s also very, very far from Australia. So if you can’t make it to the actual country, you could instead head to Nobu for a Taste of Peru. But what does a Japanese [...]

Hinoki Japanese Pantry

Can’t be bothered cooking dinner? Sureeee you could get greasy takeaway, but in my opinion a much better option is one of these sushi / sashimi platters from Hinoki Japanese Pantry. Hinoki Japanese Pantry is a Japanese grocer plus sushi bar on Smith Street in Fitzroy. They sell a range of Japanese foodstuffs: snacks, condiments, [...]

Cafe Vue at Heide: Picnic

I’ve been wanting to go to the Heide Museum of Modern Art for a while. Most people go to a gallery to see – oh I dunno – the art. That wasn’t my main incentive though. Truthfully, I just wanted an excuse to buy a picnic hamper from Cafe Vue. This tells you my priorities: [...]

Portsea Hotel: Lamaro’s on the Deck

Disclosure: My guest and I dined courtesy of Portsea Hotel / Lamaro’s on the Deck and Kate & Co. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave the city behind and head down the coast for summer? Particularly on these hot, hot days? That’s exactly what the team from Lamaro’s, the restaurant in South Melbourne, did earlier [...]

Mossgreen Tearooms

Disclosure: Afternoon tea was courtesy of Mossgreen Tearooms and Q Strategies. So 2013 seemed to be the year of high/afternoon tea for me, blogging oh 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (!) plus a bonus high coffee. And here’s another one I went to before the year finished: afternoon tea at Mossgreen Tearooms. Mossgreen Tearooms is [...]

Beechworth: Provenance Restaurant & Accommodation

I always say I’m not really a birthday person, but that’s not strictly true. I don’t like to celebrate my own birthday, but I enjoy celebrating other people’s. And by celebrating, I mean: torturing. And by torturing, I mean torturing with love and attention and cake OF COURSE. (And birthday lasagne, but only for the [...]

The Petty Officer

It’s too hard to decide where to brunch in Melbourne. It took about a week of brainstorming before Daisy and I could settle on a place for a brunch date. It wasn’t a matter of not liking suggestions – we just had too many ideas. One suggestion was The Petty Officer in Albert Park and [...]

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