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Lamb pilaf with green almonds

lamb pilaf with green almonds

What’s green, furry and grows on trees?

I know that this sounds like the beginning to a terrible joke, but I do have a serious answer for you: almonds.

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you – I had no idea that immature almonds came in a fuzzy green pod. It’s not something that had ever crossed my mind. So when I saw some, I had to buy them.

Green almonds appear very briefly in early spring, and consist of a fuzzy outer shell and a soft white seed surrounded by a jelly-ish inner. After they are harvested, they eventually shrivel and harden and lose their furry coats.


Master stock soy sauce beef ribs

Soy sauce beef ribs

Yes, yes, beef ribs again. I’m telling you – it’s going to be a thing if it isn’t already.

I cooked this dish on two separate occasions. The first time, I wasn’t intending to blog it. But as soon as I ate it, my head went, “This is so yum!” so I had to cook it again to take photos. 🙂

And it was an easy process because I just poached the ribs in a soy sauce master stock. Do you have a master stock? They are the best. If you’re thinking, “What’s a master stock?” it’s a flavoured liquid that’s used to repeatedly poach/braise food. Instead of discarding it after cooking, it’s used again and again, picking up more flavour each time.


Lamb shanks with quinces and chickpeas

Lamb shanks with quince and chickpeas

I’m in Motherland 1 (NZ) at the moment for family stuff, with Bro and I flying into Auckland yesterday. The parents picked us up from the airport, and it wasn’t long before the fussing started.

“Did you bring a coat?

It’s really cold here.

Where’s your coat?

No, it’s really cold. Why didn’t you bring a coat?” (This last question to Bro – I did bring my coat, cutting out 200% of the fussing.)